World class filmmaker Velvet Datsopoulou

Talented filmmaker Velvet Datsopoulou

Talented filmmaker Velvet Datsopoulou

In 2008, artist and self-actualized creative spirit, Veloudenia Ntatsopoulous, graduated from the prestigious center of learning the London Metropolitan University, with a BA in Politics and International Relations firmly under her belt. This kind of immediate background would lend itself to primary importance when she became an Event director to a campaign management company responsible for high-profiling political candidates on the rise, or in the fore of public attention.  Not just a glorified ‘pretty face’, Velvet became responsible for finalizing intrinsic speeches, executing data requests from both clients and management and overseeing the more practical offices of ensuring insurance inception and overall coordination of current event scenarios.

Her next lateral, yet different, commute was to Anisma Films, in the position of a First Assistant Director and Operations Manager. It was here where her considerable talents were effectuated in the development, production and marketing of the critically-extolled documentary “Great Directors.” While she distinguished herself in this office, she nurses a passion project of her own – bringing to film the life of Edgar Allan Poe. She is currently in the process of publishing a first volume of her own surreal poetry, so this Poe project falls naturally in Velvet’s purview of expertise.

In addition to working closely with the company president at Anisma Films, Velvet was also of indispensable value to yet another production company, that of Black Coral Productions. Her inspiration spiritual mentors include Francois Truffaut, Bernardo Bertolucci and the inexorable and iconic, David Lynch. And while he left this plane of existence around 50 years ago, James Dean would have been a favorite legend of Velvet’s to collaborate with on some project worthy of her – and his – considerable talents!

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