Actor Bevan Viljoen Gives the Inside Scoop on Future Projects

The actor's actor, Bevan Viljoen

The actor’s actor, Bevan Viljoen

When it comes to selling romance and passion, Bevan Viljoen is the “go to” actor in the UK. He is talented, fresh faced and we cannot seem to get enough of him.

So what is the talented lead from ‘Pearls of Africa’ up to now?

Well, we wanted to see what he was up to and how he has been managing his career since the beginning.Bevan opened up about his switch from acting to pursuing college and his athletic career. For Bevan, while he was passionate about acting, he did not want to wind up without a degree and be a struggling actor.

Instead, Bevan pursued a Master’s in International Management before moving on and reawakening his dream of developing a successful acting career. After attending several classes at Actor’s Centre, taking private studio lessons and working with acting Coach Michal Duvall (one of the best in the game), the actor took a plunge and landed his first lead in the popular Pearls of Africa film.

Since that film, Bevan has continued to work on his acting skills to help him embody his characters even further.

It seems Bevan‘s hard work paid off for him though, since he announced to us that he will be in three more films – we expect them to be released within the next year or two.

The films will be announced soon, but Bevan did tell us that one was an adventure heist that is set to take place in London while the other role lands him in a fantasy-adventure film.

While opposite sides of the spectrum, Bevan is stepping outside of the romantic scene for a second and showing his diversity as an actor. We look forward to seeing the previews to these films as the filming comes to a wrap.

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