A class act- International actor Richard Stables

Richard Stables

Richard Stables

Richard Stables is an Australian/British actor. Richard says he knew he wanted to be an actor since he was 11 years old but never really got around to doing it until the age of 19. He saw an English actor named Danny Webb play Hamlet in an English Touring Company production of ‘Hamlet’ in Perth where he grew up, and he says he felt he had to just jump in and do it.

Richard first trained at the KAFF theatre in Perth with Will McKaskill when he was 20. He then trained at drama school in London; the ‘Arts Educational Schools London’ for 3 years. He says some of his biggest inspirations include Brando, De Niro, Pacino, Duvall, Gena Rowlands, Ellen Burstyn; the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s method guys. Others include Laurence Oliver, Gary Oldman, Daniel Day Lewis, Ralph Fiennes, Judi
Dench and Anthony Hopkins.

Gena Rowlands would be his ideal co-star saying that despite her age, it would be an absolute honor to work with her. “I’ve been a huge fan, and of course her husband too. The late great John Cassavettes.” “ I would love to work with her because she always transforms into these crazy, strong yet tender characters.” “When she performs, she does what all great actors do, she throws it all away, trusts that its within her and around her, connects to her partner, her circumstance and plays an action; living truthfully and fully in the moment. It’s very sexy.”

‘The Power of Darkness’ has been his favorite role to play so far. He says he is working on a second feature film with Greg Blakey. In future he would like to move to LA; be bicoastal (between LA and New York), continue training with the ‘greats’, and keep making films and theatre with talented artists.

The rise of actor Cameron Anderson

Cameron Anderson

Cameron Anderson

The world of entertainment has some exceptionally talented artists and one such highly successful and amazing performer is Cameron Anderson who is best known for his performances in film productions like “Coulda Woulda Shoulda”, “The Bank Job” (a multi-million dollar feature film), “The Spoiler”, “Twin Suns “and more. Cameron went to the prestigious Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) in London, one of only seven drama schools that were accredited by the National Council for Drama Training (NCDT).

This accomplished actor performed in the stage production of ‘Welcome Back’ for the Walking Forward Theatre Company which took Cameron on a three month contract touring Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Germany. Cameron also appeared in the 2009 Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johannson film, The Other Boelyn Girl.

Cameron has spread his talent across the mediums like films, television, theatre, web series along with appearing in commercials and being a presenter.  What is fantastic about him is that he gives brilliant performance across the various mediums and his versatility is simply splendid. His theatre credits cover “Welcome Back”, “The Two Gentleman of Verona” and “Naked Flame”.

In 2012, Cameron was picked to be the face of online dating firm eHarmony. In the year 2013, Cameron appeared in the Europe wide commercial for Holiday Inn Express, a subsidiary of the world’s largest hotel firm, Intercontinental Hotel Group. He has also expanded his experience in the world of presenting, appearing on screen in projects for global firms such as Vodafone, Lenovo and AB Foods.

For a person as talented, dedicated and committed towards his profession, Cameron is one of those few artists who have rich experiences across throughout the different mediums of the entertainment world. He surely is a gifted artist.

Britain’s talented and humble Morgan James

Britain's Morgan James

Britain’s Morgan James

Morgan James is a British actor and singer. Mostly, but not only. It’s hard to easily label and sum up all the gifts and efforts this notably British talent has been performing during the last 20 years, specially in the UK, where he is a regular face on many BBC productions as well as often seen in plays on the theaters of London, including classic and modern writings. Music, cinema, television broadcasting and even theater practitioner are some of Morgan many occupations as an avid and prolific man of arts.

The Beginning

Born in Swansea, in the UK, James was raised by his family in the small town of Aberdare, Wales, where he got interested in acting very early, doing plays on the town’s company of drama. His debut for real for the acting career happened when BBC was shooting an adaptation of The Citadel in the town and he was casted for several scenes. James was only 9 years old.

Later he would work again with BBC on the production “The District Nurse” and also started a professional career on theater when he was a teenager, doing plays with several companies around the South Wales valleys.

He moved to London during the early ’90s to study drama at the Brunel University and right after started to be part of the theater scene in the city. James would then spend a lot of time acting on plays but also pursuing other dreams on music, TV and cinema.

Working on BBC

His relationship with the giant BBC would only get stronger through the years when he settled his career in London. James can be seen in several productions made for television, as the documentary Aberfan: The Untold Story, the telefilm Wanted and specially in 2011 in the hit fantasy show Being Human. His experience with TV would give him another achievement as he committed with BBC to be the continuity voice and writer of the WATCH channel, with live broadcastings, task he still perform nowadays.

Music and Cinema

An avid fan of musicians like Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Karen Carpenter among other iconic talents, Morgan loves to perform as a singer as much as an actor. He has been singing in several shows and concerts, as well as musicals like Flush, performed in Edinburgh and London. He would even tour around the world with the World Tour of Riverdance. During the ’00s, James would also start a career on cinema, picking special independent projects, like the acclaimed animation The Ghost of Sam Peckinpah, and the contemporary fantasy/horror anthology The Red Zone. Recently, he has been coming and going from LA where he is also foreseeing a new and interesting way to expand art from the magic of stage to ordinary life as a theater practitioner, which includes theater techniques in corporate activities, expanding the creative capacity of each one and bringing out the actor we all have inside. And he surely has dozens of different actors for different art tasks inside his soul, all flourishing as he advance strong in his career.


Hollywood is watching Andrew Guy

The amazing talent of Andrew Guy

The amazing talent of Andrew Guy

When it comes to success, there are very few individuals who know how to use it for the benefit of humanity. There is one actor who is not only highly successful and passionate about their work but also quite aware of the social issues too. We are talking about the super successful Australian actor Andrew Guy. For someone like him who has established himself in the industry it is extremely encouraging to see his philanthropic vision.

The training which he has received is quite remarkable as it comprises of the Susan Batson Studios NYC, The SITI Theatre Company NYC, The Larry Moss Studios LA, the Actors Centre Australia, and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Technology, Sydney. For Andrew acting is not mere profession, but he finds it as a medium to connect, inspire as well as a living and breathing example of a human. In his school days, he gained exposure to drama and since then has never looked back. What is striking is that he is a thorough learner and this is evident from his efforts to learn the creative elements, learning lighting and so on to get in depth with the world of theatre.

It is no wonder, that this well-known actor is highly inspired by Michael J Fox and Angelina Jolie who are also humanitarians. He is also inspired by Eric Bogosian as he admires his versatility. Andrew has also taken insights from Michelle Danner, Marishka Phillips and Susan Batson. His personal favorite role is in the upcoming film by Pearl Tan who also happens to be his friend and the film has deeper humanitarian theme as well as a message.

His theatre credits cover Suburbia, Blackdog, Missing Pieces, Blackrock, and Prelude to a Vigil. He will appear in the role of John, which is an independent feature ‘Cheer up the World Ends Tomorrow’, Andy. Prior to this,attained a role in the NIDA and AFTRS joint venture feature film ‘Before the Rain’ and an AFTRS short film ‘The Bridge’.  He has also appeared in short films ’Forgiven’, ‘The Shaft’ and ‘Unsure’. His works involve documentaries and promotional films encompassing the Vigil Independent Theatre Documentary; the Goget Promotional DVD; ‘Making a Difference’ The Journey Promotional DVD; and the Vanessa Amorosi video clip ‘Spin’.

This talented and accomplished actor will be seen in the lead role of Carl which is in the Baltimore Waltz by Paula Vogel (Sydney) along with the solo show which is in creation with the director Tanya Taylor Rubenstein in Santa Fe, New Mexico and it is called “Andrew from Oz” in which the character is created by Andrew himself. This brilliant star is such a strong believer in humanity that he intends to spread this through his various roles. It is worth mentioning that his recent work has increased awareness of self-healing, domestic violence and depression.  For the new performers, this accomplished actor advises to keep taking continuous efforts in bettering your craft.







A man of many talents! Calum Winsor

The handsome Calum Winsor

The handsome Calum Winsor

Calum Winsor is a dancer, actor, and model that hails from the sunny land of Australia. At the relatively young age of twenty six, Calum has found fame and success through his many successful modeling campaigns, and now finds himself as the face of the latest Vodafone marketing campaign, also known as the Lightning Fast Man. But how did such a young man from such a large city as Sydney get himself noticed so early?

Well, if Calum Winsor has one secret which he finds it incredibly difficult to keep, it is that he is ridiculously talented. What makes him such a brilliant person to work with is his versatility, which comes from his wide life experiences. As a young man, he competed in high level sports competitions, and his physique and good looks soon caught the eye of the modeling industry. By the tender age of fifteen, Calum was modeling for exciting clothing and brands, and excelling at it.

What makes Calum such a brilliant model is one simple fact: he loves being in front of the camera. He has admitted so himself, and is consistently pushing himself outside of his limits to better his modeling techniques and tools. Every young model needs people to look up to, to encourage them to constantly succeed, and Calum is no different. He is particularly inspired by the gorgeous Channing Tatum, another man who has moved from sports to modeling and acting. However, it is not just male models that Calum has a high level of respect for: he also loves the way that Tyra Banks has continued to model throughout the years, allowing her age to be no barrier in her career.

No one knows exactly where Calum Winsor will be this time next year, but he will certainly be a much more recognized face after his move to Vodafone.

From Australia to the world stage! Phill Starks conquers the world with his performance skills

Phill Stark

Phill Stark

Phill Stark is an actor, producer, circus / stunt performer from the Gold Coast, Australia. He has performed in shows like Madagascar live, Wiggles, SpongeBob Square pants even scare attraction like Walking dead, Saw, Nightmare on elm st and more.

Phill is super talented and his special skills include circus skills, film fighting, weapon combat, slapstick, aerial (wirework), horse riding, scuba diving and many more. This accomplished and hardworking performer has trained his body for circus and stunt work in both ground work and aerial work. Apart from these, Phill also holds advanced rigging and stunt rigging certificate and has advanced scuba diving license, car bike and boat license along with certificate 3 in live production show technician.

While growing up he was inspired by Charlie Chaplin and Australian comedy duo Lano and Woodley. He got into performing at a young age and it was when he first started performing happily doing little comedy skits for his friends at school to make them laugh.  He went to community theatre at Ballarat University where he first started performing at the 1850s historical theme park sovereign hill. Phill also started a small business as a circus performer doing street shows, festivals and children’s parties.

He is currently in China performing in one of the largest live stunt shows in the world at Chime long Paradise.  Also he has a few shows written and he is waiting to perform again dream world next year. This talented artist hopes to continue expanding his career building bigger live shows in both circus as well as in stunts. For him working in a big budget movie like “Marvel” or “Pirates of the Caribbean” would be a great project. For the future he would like to continue expanding his business and career. He feels his favorite productions of which he was a part of, are his own productions and he worked a lot while he was working at Dream world. For the aspiring performers he gives advice to following your dreams and he believes a lot in passion as he feels that with passion one can achieve anything one wants to.



Aussie sensation Bec Blomberg

Miss Bec Blomberg

Miss Bec Blomberg

Bec Blomberg is a television and film editor from Australia who is extremely talented and great at her work. This is evident from the impressive list of works she has done. She began her work with a local TV show; a police detective drama similar to ‘CSI Miami’. She undertook this role even though it was unpaid, as what mattered to her was her passion. This passion took her to her first paid job which was for a popular Australian drama series about a navy crew that patrolled the northern sea boarder of Australia. Since then Bec has been climbing the steps of success to where she worked as a freelance assistant editor for various TV series like ‘Dancing on Ice’, I’m A Celebrity, Get Me out of Here’, ‘Big Brother’, and ‘Underbelly Razor’.  Her current work is spread across music videos, feature films, short films, documentaries and more.

Since October 2009 Bec has been steadily working on whatever project she can get her hands on. She has done a lot of work on music videos like ‘Weight of the World by Amy Shark’, ‘Beautiful Night by Francesca De Valance’, ‘Water by Cool Calm Collective’, ‘Scattered Diamonds by Hungry Kids of Hungary’, ‘I Can Tell You This by Rokeby Venus’, and ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am by Small Mercies’.  She has also worked on some great documentaries like ‘Plastic Pollution Revolution with Tony Rice’, ‘The Good Son’ and feature films like ‘Crawl’ and ‘Hanging Rock’.  Bec has also done a few short films such as ‘Thank you For Shopping Starmart’, ‘Twisted’ and ‘Ribbons’.

She is a fan of Nancy Meyers and Nora Ephron films and also draws inspiration from the works of successful female editors like, Thelma Schoonmaker, Dede Allen, Alisa Lepselter, Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey. Her personal favorite production that she has worked on is the feature film ‘Crawl’ as she highly enjoyed being part of the crew and gained a great deal of experience from her time there. Presently she is working as a freelance editor and has planned some projects for the next couple of months. She will also be returning to work on a UK reality TV show at the end of the year and looks forward to future works, whatever they may be.

Bec graduated from Bond University in Australia, where she holds a Bachelor of Film and Television. She studied all aspects of the filmmaking process, specializing in Writing and Directing. It wasn’t until after she graduated that she realized her true passion for editing. Bec held a steady job at as an editor and digital media specialist at Cutting Edge, a Post Production House in Queensland. She is highly proficient in all key editing platforms like Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. She aspires to work with talented filmmakers and would love to work on something like Gilmore Girls. She looks out for the projects which are inspiring and heart-warming along with great scripts and dedicated crew members.

Though most of her work is mainly in Australia and some of it in the UK, she dreams of working in LA as she feels it is something which has a creative world of its own, has massive global impact also. For the aspiring filmmakers she feels one should go for what they want and in the end will reach their dreams.





High fashion model turned successful actress Daniela Junko

The gorgeous Daniela Junko

The gorgeous Daniela Junko

What does it take to a be a truly successful actor? Some would say beauty, and some would say brains. Some would argue that the person really has to want it, need it, crave it – even against the wishes of their parents. Others would say that it all comes down to talent. Thankfully, in the case of Daniela Junko, she covers all areas. She is beautiful, proven by the fact that she is a successful model. She has brains: you can’t deny that when someone speaks three languages fluently. She has fought against the expectations of her family by going into acting, and has demonstrated again and again and again that she is talented. Daniela Junko is taking the world by storm.

Starting her career as a high fashion model, Daniela has appeared in numerous print ads and fashion spreads for magazines such as Sultra and L’Officiel, advertising campaigns for Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin, Diane Von Furstenberg, Jimmy Choo, and Furla among others. Her striking good looks have also landed her as a catwalk model for Guess, she has opened shows for exclusive Singaporean designers, Levi jeans and many others. She has also featured in a number of TVC’s  for  the HBO movie channel, ESPN sports, and advertisements for Panasonic and Sony Ericsson. Daniela has experienced so much excitement during her time as a model that only many could dream about. When Daniela was recently asked about the most exciting designer she has worked for, she said: “Victoria’s Secret for sure”. At the time, not only did she do a presentation for them, but she was the only model in Singapore chosen for the job. Needless to say, the client was absolutely mesmerized by her charm, making her one of his angels.

Daniela is now taking over Hollywood, and she is doing it through carefully chosen roles that many people would not have the emotional maturity to even attempt. Her first feature film was playing a lead role in the movie ‘Rough Mix which had viewers glued to their seats in the powerful performance she gave. Proving that she is not just a pretty face, Daniela has successfully transitioned into the acting world with grace. She has been hard at work, the centre of many feature films, and we simply cannot wait to watch them all. From “Plastic”, a film about overcoming domestic abuse, “Three Kings Down”, a complex story of manipulation, lust, and crime, and “Sky”, in which she plays a woman destined to bring justice to the world, Daniela Junko has never shrunk away from complicated characters. Perhaps that is because she is one herself.


The fashionable and humble Tanyel Kabay


Fashion expert Tanyel Kabay

Fashion expert Tanyel Kabay

Tanyel Kabay is a television host, actress and fashion journalist from London. This brilliant and versatile artist is best known for presenting on a number of English TV Channels such as Sky, YouTube, Channel 5 and the popular television programmes T4 and New Looks search for a Stylist, she has also interviewed a number of celebrities such as Little Mix, Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora, to name a few.

She draws inspiration from actresses like Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightly and from fashion icons like Victoria Beckham and Madonna. She is amongst those performers who always showed great potential and promise as a budding star. She was a child model at the age of ten for the global fashion brand Marks and Spencer’s. At a very early age she was signed by Prolific Model Management and became the child face of Next. She continued to model for international companies like Tommy Girl in her teens and Marks and Spencer’s.

Tanyel began her career as an English television presenter and fashion journalist. Her featured fashion articles have been published in all key fashion magazines such as Italia Grazia, Drapers Magazine, Phoenix Magazine and collaborating with celebrity stylists such as Rebekah Roy. Tanyel was later touted as the “English Carrie Bradshaw”.

She holds a degree in Fashion business and journalism and has graduated from the prestigious University of the Arts, London. Apart from this, Tanyel also holds a Creative hosting and acting degree from the International School of Screen Acting. For her, working as a TV host for T4 and starring in Veta Nova Cannes nominated film as the main lead was her personal favorite production to work on.

Her upcoming projects would be the ones in which she will be seen hosting TV channels like This Morning, Behind the Gossip at V festival and Smart Live Casino and also collaborating with magazines like Drapers and Phoenix on various projects. For her, the ideal project would be as an internal face and TV host for American TV. She feels with her British television and film background, this would be an entirely new and different experience and this is what she feels would set her apart from other celebrity hosts in the US.

For the future, her manager is in the process of signing contracts with several guest appearances on television shows. Tanyel is extremely talented and highly passionate about her work and this is what helped her to reach the success she has today. On a visit to the US this amazing performer was personally head hunted by the CEO of the Fashion Law Group, a meeting was arranged in the hopes of securing her as the new talent and fashion mediator within this company.

She surely is headed towards the top of the entertainment industry and she feels a great part of her success is credited to her agent and mother at TNT management. This simply shows her grateful attitude and brings out her humbleness. For the aspiring artists, this beautiful and talented performer gives advice to know your art and challenge yourself creatively along with self-belief. With her dedication and efforts, Tanyel has created a name for herself within the fashion industry.

The gorgeous and captivating actress Turkan Victoria


The gorgeous Turkan Victoria

The gorgeous Turkan Victoria

Turkan Victoria is a British actress and model who began performing at a very young age and she joined many local theatre clubs and was always part of many school productions. She began modelling at the age of four and today she is not only a successful model but also a fantastic actress. She has done modeling for Aston Martin, People Tree and Bang and Olufsen. She was trained at the Bristol Old Vic Drama School where she learned a lot of techniques and has also gained immense experience through being a part of local theatre groups. She also has a degree in performing arts.

She is highly inspired by the performances of Juno Temple, Robert Downey Jr, Dame Maggie Smith, Cate Blanchett, Emma Watson and Jodie Foster. She absolutely adores the works of these performers. Her personal favorite performance was in the television series ‘City’, which was filmed in Italy and she played the role of Shatzy. This role was quite challenging as well as dynamic and loved being able to perform her own stunts. The wardrobe for this production was by none other than Vivienne Westwood who is one of Turkan’s personal favorite designer’s. This role also gave her the chance to sample some authentic Italian food and visit the beautiful landscape and countryside of Italy. She is busy with her upcoming projects and has also appeared in the features GODTECH, Mesopotamia and Famine.

Turkan has proved that she can give fantastic performances in film and theatre as well as modeling and commercials. She has appeared in the short film ‘Veta Nova’ directed by Academy award nominee David Cinzi and ‘Black Pond’ an award winning film also nominated for a Bafta. She played the lead role in ‘No Roads Lead to and was a lead role in ‘Apartment34’. As far as theatre goes her works cover ‘Playing for Time’ ‘The Winter’s Tale’, ‘When We Were’, ‘Pillow Man’, ‘Wonderland’, ‘My Mother Said I shouldn’t’, ‘Success’, ‘Pool (No Water)’ and ‘Educating Rita’.

In the. She considers Saoirse Ronan, Leonardo Di Caprio, Henry Cavill, Matthew McConaughey, and Jake Gyllenhall as her ideal co-stars. This dedicated artist got her first paid television role in ‘City’ for RAI television in Italy when she was just eighteen years old.  This was based on a book by the award winning writer Alessandro Barrico and was aired in the US, France, Italy, Germany, and Canada. Her work in this series landed her where she was featured in the John Lewis Magazine under the heading ‘Extraordinary People’ and she was named as ‘The New Face of British Film’. When Turkan was twenty years old, she was discovered by the CEO of a Hollywood agency at a talent convention in Florida, where she won a gold award.

She has also appeared in a commercial for Nescafe’ in 2012 for a campaign in Greece. This simply added to her international success in the television as well as film industry. Apart from this, she has also worked in a Zena Music Video, a viral commercial for wireless headphones and was also a lead female in Hold Your Nerve- Electric River Music Video. She surely is climbing her way up through the entertainment world. For the aspiring performers and fan base that look up to her, she gives advice to have qualities like self-belief and perseverance.