Powerhouse Actor from France Jerome Charvet

Jerome Charvet

Jerome Charvet

Perceived as director’s dream actor who takes directions well, Jérôme Charvet is rapidly making his way to the top.

This handsome man was born in Paris, France, where he spent all his childhood.  His family background is quite diverse as his grandfather, Raymond Carré, is a Three Star General in the medical department of the French Army and designed the training for the first French astronauts while his father, Christian Charvet, is a renowned sculptor. For Jérôme, work means passion and this is why he took up acting.

This brilliant actor was introduced to the world of performance in his teens when he started doing Shakespeare monologues with the encouragement of his teachers. He then joined his school’s theatre company and took part in every school play.

For each and every one of them, he received a lot of appreciation — carving out an encouraging path for this man that eventually led to the fulfillment of his dreams.

After studying at the most famous French acting school Cours Florent, he moved to New York at the age of 19. There he trained at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute with various legends of the entertainment industry like Paul Calderon and Irma Sandrey, two members of the Actors Studio. He then auditioned and got accepted into the famous Stella Adler Studio of Acting where he further polished his skills with the renowned teacher Ron Burrus, former assistant of Stella Adler.

Jérôme gave his first onstage performances at the Repertory Theatre and the Roy Arias Theatre where his work was greatly acknowledged and loved by the public.

He seized every opportunity he could meet and starred as the lead in many short movies screened in film festivals all around the world. We remember him as the shy and troubled young man in Sand, directed by Sophie Sherman and were touched by his portrayal of a hopeful dreamer in Teresa, directed by Menguc Tanriseven. He is also remembered for his subtle portrayal of inner violence in La Vie de Rêve by David Tamayo.

After acting in the independent movie Falling Overnight written by Parker Croft, he caught the eye of a casting director in Paris and was offered a part in Amour et turbulences, a French feature film which was released in movie theaters in 2013.

He was so convincing in his character that it brought him great notoriety among his peers and audiences have loved him ever since.

That year, he also had a strong impact when he agreed in participating in Follow Me, a campaign for the famous French clothes brand Maje. His mysterious masculine voice intrigued the fans and deeply contributed to the image of the brand.

His role in the international TV series Jo in which he played alongside Leon the Professional superstar Jean Reno established him as a promising actor. Always faithful to his meticulous character preparation, he stayed for days in a restaurant’s kitchen to observe how a cook works. It paid off as his performance was incredibly believable and left a great impact in the show. On the set, Sheree Folkson, the director, called him “a natural”.

We are not surprised he recently made his way into United Passions starring such stars as Tim Roth and Gérard Depardieu, the most famous French actor who was recently seen portraying former IMF leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Jérôme Charvet’s on-screen presence is magnetic, his fans await his next role, and Hollywood is already watching his every move.


Gwen Albers To Be In The New Feature Film “Overexposed”

The beautiful, Gwen Albers

The beautiful, Gwen Albers

Gwen Albers is a successful and talented actress from Holland. She is best known for her performances in the films “Before I Awake”, “Love Consequences”, “The Fallen”, “Clair de Lune”, “Grey Mouse”, and “Period”. She draws inspiration from the works of directors Fabienne Berthaud and Sam Mendes. She is highly dedicated towards her work and aspires to work with different directors and to take on new as well as challenging projects.

What is brilliant about this actress is that as a child, she always wanted to become a ballet dancer but today she is an accomplished actress. Her work simply shows her passion for acting. Gwen practically grew up on stage. She was selected to join the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam when she was just nine years old. After training for nine years she was offered a contract with The Dutch National Ballet which is one of the most well-known and prestigious ballet companies in the world. Her dancing career was spread across places like Paris, Barcelona, Madrid along with Holland.

For seven years she danced in all major classical ballet pieces but slowly her interest led to other passions and she started to think beyond the world of ballet and dance.

Her interest for acting grew, as she discovered what it was like behind the scenes in films as her sister was working as an art director and set designer. She decided to switch her career to acting by putting dancing on hold. She began her acting career by working in commercials. Her passion and dedication towards acting took her to Los Angeles where she went to the Ivana Chubbuck studios which is famous in Hollywood for Method Acting. Her training also covers names like Theater School Amsterdam, Holland and Full Time Conservatory Stella Adler studio of Acting in New York.

Her television works include “Stay” and “Accused”. In theatre she has worked in “Beyond Therapy”, “The Office of Dead Letters”, “The Factory Girls” and “Eric Gills Work”. Her role of a seventy year old Irish woman (Una) in “The Factory Girls” is her personal favorite role. Gwen has just wrapped up shooting for a short film by Elena Dalmasso which is shot in Italy and in November she will be shooting the feature film “Overexposed” by Juan David Castilla, where she plays the lead role of (Joan) a woman who has been attacked and puts forward her best efforts to come out of this dreadful ordeal. She can also be seen in the film “We had Plans” which is in production.

Gwen’s ideal co-stars are Juliette Binoche and Kate Winslet. As for aspiring performers this beautiful and successful actress advises them to have qualities like dedication, self-belief and endurance. Gwen Albers is proof, how hard work and dedication really pays off!


The Thirst For Love’s Actor Anthony Ilott

Anthony Ilott

Anthony Ilott

Anthony Ilott is a British actor who is best known for his performance in The Red Zone: Online Series- The Thirst For Love.  His other short films include “My Brother: The Tennis Umpire” and “Samaritan. This super talented and accomplished actor is highly versatile and skilled in innumerable fields.  He performs  as both an Actor and Musician, in fields like Comedy, Musical Comedy and Musical Theatre. He is highly skilled in Archery, Basketball, Gymnastics, Karate, Stage Combat and Volleyball, to name a few. He is also very accomplished in playing several musical instruments.

Anthony got into performing at a very young age and this was when he joined a local theatre group in England and his interest increased even more, as he started singing and playing guitar. He knows how to appreciate the skills and talents of other fellow artists. For him, acting developed into a huge passion while he was studying Performing Arts in college. He began auditioning for drama schools in London and secured a place for himself in the famous and reputed “Guildford School of Acting” where he was provided with a full scholarship. Graduating from from this school is where he feels he got the best of training and experience. He participated in workshops and productions like The Tempest, Oklahoma and stage performances such as Spring Awakening, Guys and Dolls, Billy the Musical and Children of Eden.

Anthony draws huge inspiration from the works of Tom Hanks, Leonardo Di Caprio, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Robert Di Nero, Robert Downy Jr and Andrew Garfield. He cherishes his experience of working on “Wrong Turn 6” for 20th Century Fox where a group of actors from all over the world filmed in Bulgaria. He also appreciated the support from actress Aqueela Zoll who was paired opposite him in this movie. He also compliments the production team and efforts of director Valeri Milev and considers the crew as one of the best he has ever worked with.

For Anthony, the ideal production he would love to be a part of, would be projects like “Cast Away” or “Forest Grump”.  Aside from loving psychological thrillers he also has a liking for comedy. Anthony continues to learn and practice his acting skills whenever he as the opportunity. Andrew always pays attention to the script of the projects he works on and believes in giving great efforts towards the characters he portrays. His theatre works include “Adam” (Children of Eden – Stephen Schwartz) at the Ivy Arts Centre and “Fred/Ghost of Present” (A Christmas Carol – Alan Menken) at the Tabard Theatre in Chiswick.

For the aspiring actors, this brilliant artist suggests the qualities like persistence and patience. He is a firm believer in hard work. His advice includes staying level headed, taking risks and enjoying one’s work and all the rest will fall into place. Anthony is a perfect example of how this works and we can’t wait to see what he does next!







Actor And Writer Alberto Lacayo Working On A New Web Series

Actor And Writer Alberto Lacayo

Actor And Writer Alberto Lacayo

It is always exciting to see such a talented actor with just as much experience behind as in front of the camera, and that is why Alberto Lacayo’s fans are lining up to see exactly what it is that he is going to do next. There are only a few people that can really claim to have excellent experience as both an actor, and a part of the production crew, but that is exactly what Alberto Lacayo can boast.

Alberto Lacayo, from Mexico, did not start out his acting career in a vain hope to get more people to be looking at him. Instead, he began from a point of being fascinated by the human problem. How can we understand what other people say, what they really mean? How do I present myself to other people, and how genuine is that most of the time? From his philosophical studies, Alberto Lacayo decided to experiment by getting involved in drama productions: and soon his prodigious talent started to overtake his scientific inquiry.

However, Alberto Lacayo’s skills do not lie only on just the stage. In one production called ‘MIRA: Protocol’, Alberto Lacayo was both protagonist and script supervisor. This very quickly brought him into contact with all of the day to day problems of a set – both as actor, and as production crew member. It has certainly aided him in some of his latest developments. With a group of friends, Alberto Lacayo is currently working on the development of a web series. His talents have been revealed further as Alberto Lacayo is not only going to be acting in it, but is also writing the script.

We cannot wait to see how this web series develops, and we look forward to the other numerous projects that Alberto Lacayo is currently working on – but has a tight lid on!

Dancer To The Stars- Australia’s, Andrew De Luna

Setting World Stages On Fire, Dancer Andrew De Luna

Setting World Stages On Fire, Dancer Andrew De Luna

There are few individuals who learn to dance through others but for others, dancing is a born art, a divine matriculation, which brings such individuals close to the world and more importantly closer to themselves. Andrew De Luna is one such name, who was born under the stars of a world class dancer.  As they say “Age is mere a number” and so was proved by the five year old Andrew De Luna, who took up dancing at such a callous and raw age.

“We run the night” was the first musical breakthrough that brought this good looking humble Aussie into the spotlight. Superstar DJ Havana Brown’s music video “We run the night”, choreographed by Marko Panzic was a sensational one and succeeded in underlining Andrew into the eyes of the world. Since then, there has been no looking back, from sitcoms to movies, theater to music videos, this handsome hunk is everywhere to be seen. His dancing features in such music videos including “Mine” by Beyoncé choreographed by Anthony Burrel , “Come & Get In Trouble With Me” by Rikki Lee choreographed by Marko Panzic , “Fireman” by Paulini, choreographed by  Wil Sabin , and “Naughty” by Elen Levon, also choreographed by  Marko Panzic.

Andrew  started his career in ballet, jazz and tap dancing but later on, he learned all dance forms, including modern,  contemporary and hip-hop. He counts one of his future goals to be working with Jennifer Lopez, with whom he  appreciates for the presence of her rhythm and the life and soul in her music and performances.

Andrew De Luna has a very impressive story of his own so therefore, his words are of  great importance to the aspiring new generation, who look up to dancers like him. He believes in persistence and humility, because it is not always easy to find work in an industry as competitive as this, but only hard work and persistence will take you to such heights, says De Luna.

Tom Conlan Talks About His New Role in ‘My Son And The Hole Punch’

Tom Conlan Stars In 'My Son And The Hole Punch'

Tom Conlan Stars In ‘My Son And The Hole Punch’

Tom Conlan is athletic, but not one of those muscle bound leading men that you see often in Hollywood that are so overly physically impressive. He is not even staggeringly handsome in photographs. Not in a Brad Pitt, George Clooney kind of way. On paper therefore, he seems relatively unremarkable. Unremarkable however, until he opens the door. He is one of an incredibly rare breed that you feel has that innate ability to walk into a room and get everybody looking at him almost instantly. I would normally put it down to star quality, he is very likeable and extremely charming and it doesn’t take long to realize why people are starting to talk about him. He is here to answer questions about his new film ‘My Son & The Hole Punch’.

Tom, what attracted you to the project?

There were many aspects of the project that I liked. The character of Michael first of all, was incredibly intriguing. But I was very keen to work with Giles Alderson (The Director). We had a long discussion about the film just after the first draft of the script had been finished and he sold me on his vision almost instantly. I originally thought he was asking me to audition but luckily he offered me the part then and there.

Was that the first time you had met him?

I actually met Giles on a short film that we shot a couple of years ago with Jerry Springer. Since then, a lot of people have said good things to me about his work and I knew that he had just won an award for one of his recent shorts. When he sent me over the script for Hole Punch I was interested to hear his ideas.

You said that the character of Michael was intriguing. What was it specifically that you were interested in?

His complexity. He is deeply flawed and the challenge was to make him likeable, make people sympathise with him. He has his demons and it was interesting exploring those but it is important that people understand why he is the way he is. It was a great challenge.

Do you see yourself doing similar roles in the future?

I am incredibly drawn to what I would call the ‘anti hero’. Guys who are far from perfect but carry a certain appeal. Having said that, I would certainly never want to restrict myself as an actor. There are so many wonderful parts out there and there is so much variation.

Finally, what are your plans for the future? What are we going to see you in next?

I start work on a new movie on Friday actually that I am very excited about. It is a fantasy drama set just after World War 2 and we are filming in Scotland, France and on the South Coast of England so there is a fair amount of traveling involved. Fingers crossed it goes well!






A Star Is Born- Ayesha Fraser

Australia's Own Ayesha Fraser

Australia’s Own Ayesha Fraser

Ayesha Fraser grew up in Newcastle, Australia and spent her childhood dwelling on the beaches. Ayesha first communicated herself by dance at the juvenile age of 4 and then subsequently made the switch to rhythmic gymnastics when she was 10 and became the sort after actress that she is now.

Ayesha has been very is inspired by Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts, and the alternatives they have made over their careers are both brilliant. During her childhood, she had the shy feeling and faced difficulty in expressing herself, she then decided that promenading is an art through which she can articulate her sentiments which lead her now to the path of a well recognized actress.

Currently, she is in preparation to start on the action film, Thunder Cats and the web series turned feature film, Trail Mix . Apart from this Ayesha’s episode of Shake it Up is broadcasting in its final season on the Disney Channel and you can check out more of her success in the Lifetime Movie, Jodie Arias: Dirty Little Secret.

Nicola Gardner- Host Of ‘Get Up, Stand Up’!

The Multi-Talented Nicola Gardner

The Multi-Talented Nicola Gardner

Nicola Gardner has already become a household name and people are going gaga watching her over and over. She has already created a niche for herself and this pretty lass has got everybody to sit up and notice her acting abilities. Well, for starters, she began her training at age six when she joined a small theatre school in Manchester, UK. Here, she also learned dance and the training really helped her in making those moves on screen.

Her radio shows include the likes of the very famous Whoopi Goldberg’s County Life, Number 10, Bad by Default, Shells on a Woven Chord, Chaos By Design, Jordan Road and 5 Joes and a Gym. She has received unprecedented success in all of these aforementioned radio shows. It seems that whatever she touches turns to gold. Her television career until now, has been stellar and her performance in the show Brookside has already opened the floodgates of many praises and several other roles for her. Her real life situation of a single mother gave her the eloquence in the character of Vonnie Johnson. Aside from Brookside, she has been a part of many successful TV shows that include Coronation Street and Verdict.

She also has been a part of hit movies like Action Rain and Signs of Life. Her list of theatre performances is also never ending and her portrayal of Ariel in the play The Tempest has been touted as one of the best portrayals of the character. Although, she has covered all the bases, when it comes to different genres, she counts comedy as one of her favorites. Be it sitcoms or standup, she loves doing them both.

Presently, she is the host of a show called Get Up, Stand Up. It is a comedy and she is simply loving it. From dancing, to theatre, radio, television and movies, Nicola has done it all. She is already becoming a big star and by the looks of it, she certainly is on the right path of catching up to her idols like Denzel Washington and Whoopi Goldberg.


J D Hardy Talks About His Musical Journey

Bakersfield, California's JD Hardy

Bakersfield, California’s JD Hardy

Bakersfield, California a place known for Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, enthused, the same star like genes into the ever hard working and ever talented JD Hardy. JD was born in Orange, California and his parents moved to Bakersfield, CA. when he was nine months old. He was only three years of age when he started to sing in church along with his father. At the age of five, he started handling those massive and complicated musical instruments, like drums & guitar. He started his journey of music from Bakersfield, while the two remained inspirational figures to him.

He grew up listening to some of the best country music including the ones by Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Hank Jr, Waylon & Willie, Dwight Yoakum and George Straight. Even rock music succeeded in holding his fantasies tight, and so he kept a close check on the evergreen Guns n’ Roses. Besides, Hardy always had a taste for all kinds of music, from Southern rock to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He had always appreciated all forms of music: a reason why his music is widely treasured all across the nation.

Fortunately, his first album was with the legendary producer Ray Ruff who has worked with artist such as Kenny Rogers, Hank Williams, Jr., Merle Haggard, and George Strait. In addition, Ruff launched the careers of artists such as Dwight Yoakum and Juice Newton.

JD, I understand Ray is great to work with, what’s your favorite story?

Well I have a lot which is crazy because I only knew Ray for three months before he passed away. Ray and I had a lot in common being that we’re both cowboys, we hit it off immediately.  But one of my favorite stories is when Ray signed me to his label, Oak Records.  We were having supper in LA and after we signed the contract Ray looked at me and said “ok so now we go to work and I don’t want you drinking until this record is finished starting now!”  So I laughed, ha-ha! He says, “No I’m serious, JD if I’m going to draw the best out of you then the party stops and the work begins.” So with a serious face I said, “of course Ray” as I looked at my cousin who was with me and winked.

But for me the party had a few more hours to go and then I would follow Ray’s orders. As soon as Ray left we started ordering whiskey and told the waitress to keep em’ coming every five minutes until we’re cross eyed, ha-ha! So a few hours later our driver showed up ready to get us home safe in my F-250 4X4 King Ranch which was jacked up to the sky! I miss that truck. Anyway, as we pulled in the driveway and parked I was telling one of my famous stories and my cousin said all of a sudden I was just gone.

Need less to say I fell out of my big ol truck, HAHA! The bad part is that I broke my nose, not good! The next morning or maybe early afternoon Ray sent his son to get me because I wasn’t responding to any of the many phone calls. I heard the pounding on the door and when I opened it Ray’s son said, Awe Crap! He called Ray and told him I looked pretty hungover and he wasn’t sure but thought that maybe my nose had been broken because there was still blood all over the clothes I was wearing from the night before. Oh Man!!!

Well Ray then wanted me at his house in Santa Clarita, ASAP! Not good, I thought well it’s all over. But when we got to his house and I walked through his front door I thought now he’s going to kill me! Ha-ha! I had no idea Ray raised and lived with mountain lions one of which was sitting on the couch with him. WOW! As I stood in the front door I said I’ll just talk to you from here! Ray said, “don’t be afraid of these cats they’re the most loving animals on the planet! Well he didn’t kill me but he didn’t terminate my contract either so I came out of it with a new friend and some great memories. I miss him dearly.

The new single was produced with Don Johnson who produced Emmy Lou Harris, Flying Burrito Brothers and has also served as Musical Director for Ricky Skaggs. Hardy is currently working with music industry veteran Jeff Robert from CSG music and sound mixer Mark Ettel on the catchy tracks “Ride on” and “Country Save Me” Ettel is a premier sound mixer who has worked with the best of them, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Michael Jackson to name a few. With all the world famous people recognizing Hardy’s talent and hearing the music myself, I’m confident that it wont be long before JD Hardy’s music is brought to the rest of the world.

The projected release date for his new record is late this summer. Please visit and stay tuned to the links below for more information on JD Hardy’s status.





Ireland’s Own Shining Star Brian Carroll

Ireland's Brian Carroll

Ireland’s Brian Carroll

For some individuals, performing does not mean growing up and waiting to get a chance to perform in the entertainment industry, they simply set the stage for themselves in their early childhood. We are talking about none other than Brian Carroll, an actor hailing from Dublin, Ireland. He began performing in plays since the age of five and in Primary School he was involved in productions such as; Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, The Happy Prince and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to name a few.

In 2010, Brian decided to head to LA and since then, has made appearances on such productions as Mobs Greatest Hits, Rejection, A Lucid Dream, Perception, Stockholm syndrome, Maternal Instinct, Carpe Diem, My American Dream Girl, Merciless, Unforgiven, WIKIUS, Red America, Life, Clash, Revanche, Mac and Charlie Die, Copafel, Call of Revolution, Dodge and Burn and more. Needless to say, the list of people he has worked with includes some impressive ones.

So far, Brian considers some of his favorite roles to play so far as being that of a CIA agent in the short film Perception and an LAPD officer in D-Dot Ft Xzibit music video Revolution. He also loved the role he played in a national Verizon Wireless commercial.

His training in acting is also quite impressive. This comprises of his early speech and drama classes at Lacken National Primary School, after this, he attended Acting Corps School in North Hollywood and it was here, that he learned the Meisner & Chekhov techniques and also performed plays. He further went to Theatre of Arts Acting School (gaining a two year associate degree)and was also in the play ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’.

Inspiration wise, Brian is forever grateful to his speech and drama teacher Ms Marie Coll who praised his talents and encouraged him to pursue an acting career. Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are also who he considers to be  huge inspirations to him growing up in the world of acting. Brian currently has a feature film named Turpitude lined up where he will be playing the role of a Las Vegas Police Officer.

Hollywood is embracing this young and talented actor for his versatility and dedication to his craft and every role he plays.