Mariana Flores – The Gem of Talent

Actress Mariana Flores (Center) in 'You are mine'

Actress Mariana Flores (Center) in ‘You are mine’

Mariana was born in Mexico with a treasure of hidden talents. The glory of the Hollywood film and television industry called her from birth. Her frequent visits to the movies as a child inspired her to try her hand at this most competitive of industries. She always knew that she was meant to be a star, and hence nobody could stop this wonderful creature from becoming a part of the glamor of the silver screen.

Having received extensive training from some of the best coaches in both the U.S and Mexico, Mariana integratedher training into many different aspects of her life, and it is reflected in her amazing performances.

Mariana has done it all – stage, screen, web series, music videos, commercials, and more.  Her film credits include the drama And Then We Laughed in which Mariana plays a young woman in a mental hospital, Fernando Lincon’s A Good Reason, where Mariana plays the mother of a sick daughter whose husband leaves to find work abroad, Joshua M. Watson’s March 15,  the boxing dramaHang Them Up, and the avant garde comedy Special Delivery, as well as the popular web series DINKS (short for Double Income No Kids), music videos for Def Jam recording artist Jeremih, as well as YouTube sensation Sam Tsui’s Meant to Be and Boston rapper Dell Best’s The Trophy.  You can also find Mariana starring in commercials for Nescafe and Pantene.

When asked about her “favorite role thus far” Mariana doesn’t hesitate to say that it’s the lead role of Christina in Fernando Lincon’s A Good Reason.  “I found Christina’s complexity, emotionality and supreme energy to be both exhilarating and challenging,” she says.  “I had to dig deep to get to Christina’s rage, anger and excitement.”The successful short is currently being developed into a full-length feature.

Mariana’s determination and positivity is infectious.  She is a strong believer in not giving up or giving in when the odds are stacked against her.  The advice she has for other actors is “if someone doesn’t want to give you a role because of your age, your accent, skin color, race, or illness, you have to move forward with even more determination. You have to realize your own power and not be bothered by what people say about you.” Mariana strives to always live by this rule, and be an example to her loved ones and her fellow artists.

Mariana loves playing “tricky” characters. Shebrings her characters to life in a way that is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always refreshing.  Her dream co-star is Meryl Streep whose performances “always touch her heart” – especially in her favorite film Angels in America.

And if taking over the stage and screen is not enough, Mariana also has dreams of directing films.  She wants to tell important stories that make people think and ultimately improve the human condition.  If she can direct half as well as she acts, I’ll be the first in line to buy my ticket to her directorial debut.


An insight into the life of Rudy Vermorel

Filmmaker Rudy Vermorel

Filmmaker Rudy Vermorel

Rudy Vermorel is a  film and video editor,  well known for his amazing direction. He was born in France, and his childhood was spent living between France, Costa Rica and Panama  with his family. He was very fond of watching movies and playing video games and since childhood he adopted a huge interest in this field as he loved shooting videos and editing them as part of his hobby.

He always knew he wanted to establish himself as a renowned director so he started working to make his dreams come true. When he jumped into his teenage years, Rudy started out  by shooting and editing videos for local musicians which turned to be really successful. He began to get bigger projects as his work was being admired and loved by everyone. Rudy became an inspiration for young directors, and people were amazed to see his work which was so perfect. He did his Bachelors in Mass Communication and after that, he moved to London in the year 2010. In about three years into his stay in London, Rudy started working on bigger projects such as McLaren,Walkers, Wella and music videos  including many commercials, where he gained a lot of experience.

After getting a lot of exposure in this field, he decided to create videos of his own and started working on his own projects by making a team of photographers, hairdressers and trained makeup artists. His projects became successful and this way, he made it into the limelight earning a name for himself. Rudy was very much into video editing, overlaying images and adding special effects to the videos; it’s more than a passion for this guy.

This is one young and driven filmmaker from France, you definitely need to keep your eyes on!

Mathilde Bresson- Behind the lens

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Current art photography has become a trendy art form that is recognized around the world. Unlike simple part-time photography, today’s modern photography comes with a high price tag. It includes a large range of topics including scenery, sketch, journalism, and those photos used to express glamor and beauty, in particular those in the world of fashion. Mathilde Bresson is now a professional photographer talent. She is specialized in fashion photography and dreams to have her photos in magazines.

Photographers used to convey the messages through their pictures and provoke the emotions of observers. Getting the exceptional results from the photos is the art of photography. Though the selection of the equipment is essential the use of  it also requires training. Mathilde Bresson is passionate and works hard to succeed in fashion photography. For her, being a photographer is a perpetual challenge, namely to offer a variety of images, search for new horizons, propose and constantly surprise. She is self-taught.

In the future, she intends to work with luxury brands, fashion magazines; collaborate with artists for personal projects and work on music videos.

Her favorite project was a campaign for a jewelry and clothing brand. She worked all day with an amazing crew, MUA, hairdresser, stylist and model in Saint Tropez, France. She loves when everybody shares their ideas. Being surrounded by artistic people in the end created beautiful pictures for the brand.

In the field of photography you have many different ways you may choose, depending on your individual skills, the career opportunities, and so on. Photographers can be employed by companies who want to promote or sell their goods and services to the public. Mathilde Bresson wants to gain experience abroad to enrich her and enjoy exceptional places, because she loves to shoot outdoors. For this, the ideal place is the US for her artistic vision and the beautiful places.

Anne Sophie Niego – From Ballet Prodigy To Leading Lady

Anne-Sophie Niego

Anne-Sophie Niego

When Anne Sophie Niego was just 5 years old, she was spotted by famed ballet teacher Max Bozzoni who trained her at his exclusive studio throughout her childhood. At the ripe old age of 12, she discovered that her passion for the theater was even greater than her passion for dance, and she took the first steps on toward her dream of stage and screen.

While consistently performing on stages across Paris, Anne-Sophie graduated from famed Parisian acting schools Les Cours Florent and Studio 34. Her unique blend of beauty and talent landed her notable roles in the award winning feature Comedy of Power starring Isabelle Huppert, one of France’s most famous actresses, as well as Isabelle Mergault’s black comedy Enfin Veuve (Merry Widow) starring Cesar nominee Michele Laroque. Acclaimed film distributor and programmer Denis Chateau then advised Anne Sophie to go to the US to further her career. Anne-Sophie relocated and immediately enrolled in the reputed Stella Adler Conservatory, whose alumni include Robert De Niro, Mark Ruffalo, Selma Blair, Benicio del Toro, Bianca Lawson, and Michael Imperioli, just to name a few.

Her most recent stage appearances include Clifford Odett’s Waiting for Lefty directed by Oscar and Emmy winner Milton Justice, May Quigley Goodman’s modern adaptation of 12 Angry Men, entitled 12, as well as a riveting performance in Lanford Wilson’s The Rimers of Eldritch.

In addition to stage, she plays Leila’s best friend in the highly anticipated upcoming feature, starring Swedish actress Tiedora de Grigo and French rapper/actor Stomy Bugsy.  She also leads the casts of the films Suit and Tie directed by Eeshaan Roy, The Absence, directed by Alvaro Ortega, and Present, directed by Jun Kuang – all of which will be festivaling in 2014.

Anne-Sophie’s beauty and charisma (not to mention that sexy French accent), have landed her on the shortlist of several directors and producers of upcoming film and stage projects. The humble actress attributes her success to her extensive training and hard work, but it’s clear from the moment she takes the stage or screen that it is not her training but her pure magnetism that keep directors, producers and audiences wanting more.

Deniz Olgac Career Profile

The beautiful and talented Deniz Olgac

The beautiful and talented Deniz Olgac

Deniz Olgac rose to fame when she had the opportunity to earn her place in the Turkish Film Industry.  Impressing a lot of people with her roles on stage and television, her performances have garnered her a secure place in the film industry.  She began to receive offers from famous Turkish filmmakers and finally got her first big break in the movie “No Offside” in 2009.  She was offered the lead in the film and given an endearingly comedic role to play.  After making fantastic debut with her performance, this attracted many other filmmakers who realized Deniz’s talent and wanted to cast her in their films, respectively.

It didn’t take long for Deniz to be cast by Hasan Karacadag – a master horror film director.  The famous filmmaker gave her a role in his next movie entitled “Dabbe 2”.  Her acting was brilliant and the film went on to become a huge hit among audiences.  The actress had proved her versatility in a different role this time around.  The film eventually went on to become the highest grossing film ever in the category of horror films in Turkey.

Another one of Deniz’s stand out performances was in the film “Ortak”,  released in the year 2010, a thriller mixed with drama.  Olgac plays the role of a girl who comes from a small town and has high aspirations in life but when she moves to the big city to fulfill her dreams, a terrible twist causes her life to become affected badly and she  begins to get involved in all sorts of complicated relationships and problems.  The film also received a positive response from Turkish media.

Additionally, Deniz has appeared in many television commercials, including a commercial for Mavi Jeans- (a famous Turkish Jeans brand which also has stores outside of Turkey), and she was a part of a major Fiat Automobile campaign.  Deniz has earned lot of praise for her versatile acting skills and, to this day, still continues to be one of the most famous actresses in her home country of Turkey.

Most of all, Deniz’s priority is to continue her success as she looks forward to expanding her work with American producers and directors. Deniz’s passion has always been to act in American films, having been attracted and fascinated by American movies growing up.

There is no stopping this A-list Turkish girl with the huge talent!

Introducing the inspiring, Jiin Jang

Beautiful and talented Korean actress, Jiin Jang

Beautiful and talented Korean actress, Jiin Jang

Jiin Jang is an exceptionally talented actress from Korea, currently working her magic in the United Kingdom. Most of her work has involved theater productions such as Shakespeare’s Macbeth where she played the role of Ross. Additionally she has performed in other productions such as Illyrea as the characters Magda and Flavia, and in the character of Mi-Sun. When she isn’t acting Jiin Jang is a successful model, and is working on her own theater productions.

Although Jiin Jang wasn’t raised in the United Kingdom, she had plenty of exposure to the west as a child. Her aunt worked in the United States for 20 years as an animation artist. Jang attended drama school in the U.K., and while she faced barriers, she excelled and graduated to become an actress in the U.K. She herself ,says that her decision to go to London had to do with it being well known for theater art and Jang has had the opportunity to work with many accomplished artists on and off the stage in the U.K.

One her most memorable experiences involved a trip to Poland where Jang brought along her own original work to showcase at a theater workshop. What was unique about this experience is that there was no phone, internet, or other forms of communications, but they were able to experiment with a few of her own original ideas. Jang hopes one day to make her own production that will be a theater play which include the elements of physical movements and graphics.

Jiin Jang is one talented and gifted individual and the world is her oyster. Stay Tuned!

Ray Emodi- The star from Nigeria!


Ray Emodi is a Nigerian actor whose passion for acting has led him all over the world.  From a very young age, Ray’s natural attraction to music, movies and theatre was clear. His passion is making movies, he follows this as a life mission and has found significant success in his mission.

Ray Emodi was born in Enugu, Nigeria. Most of his brothers and sisters left for boarding school when he was a child, leaving Ray to grow up with just his imagination. He found solace from his loneliness in music and acting. He spent hours acting out his favorite scenes from the movies.

Moving to Nottingham, England for a Business Management and International Strategic Enterprise degree took him away from his passion, but not for long.  While studying, Ray managed to make three successful films in his free time.  But those films could only satisfy his heart’s desire momentarily. Tired of holding back and only pursuing his passion part-time, Ray began fully immersing himself in the world of acting.

Ray moved to the U.S. where he obtained a degree in Acting for Film from the prestigious New York Film Academy. Dedicated to his craft, Ray makes it a point to always be working. He has extensive training in stage combat, Tai Chi, and Shakespeare already under his belt, but his bag of tricks is ever-growing.

It wasn’t long before Ray landed the leading role of Alpha in Dennis Hodge’s award-winning film A Daughter’s Dilemma.  Playing the villain Alpha, who lures Marylyn, the star,into a life-threatening situation.  Ray’s “bad boy” character is spot on.  It’s easy to see how Marylyn is taken in by his good looks and charm, only to be used and hung out to dry by the selfish hunk.

Ray’s next role was more layered and sympathetic, as anagoraphobic who is lured out of his home after years of self-imprisonment in order to connect with a woman he meets online in award-winning director Omar Monge’s most recent film God’s Own Villa.The film generated a lot of buzz at the LA International Underground Film Festival due to Ray’s arresting performance in this starring role.  His ability to meaningful portray a person with such a debilitating phobia and still make the character accessible to the audience is truly remarkable.

Ray refuses to be typecast.  With success in dramatic roles in A Daughter’s Dilemma and God’s Own Villa, Ray challenged himself with the starring role in a dark comedy, You Don’t Say!, a buddy comedy where Ray plays a stoner who is forced to work off his debt to a drug dealer by going on a dangerous and wacky errand, and performing in front of a live audience as the ‘Hunchman’ in Chris Berube’slive staging of the twisted fairytale Happily Whatever After.  Ray’s turn in this role garnered standing ovations from multiple Hollywood audiences.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Ray Emodi, the hottest Nigerian actor in Hollywood.

Actress Natalia Gorelova- Bringing classic beauty back!

Natalia Gorelova was born in Khabarovsk, Russia. She showed an interest in the performing arts from an early age–particularly singing and acting. She participated in various performances as a child but became distanced from performing as a teenager when her family moved to New Zealand and she found it very challenging to adjust to the local culture. When she was only 16 years old, she moved out of her family home to find herself.

In 2001, Gorelova was attending a music festival when she was spotted by the creative director Pavement magazine. The director thought she had the face and talent for modeling and quickly introduced her to an agent. That same year, she decided to enter the world of modeling. Over the next several years her success as a model grew; she graced magazine covers, such as the covers for the Sunday Star Times and Idealog, and appeared in the pages of numerous magazines.

While Gorelova was succeeding in her modeling career, she rediscovered how much she enjoyed acting and decided to step in front of the camera.

She was cast in a television campaign for Magnum Ice Cream in 2004 and, since that first commercial campaign, has appeared in campaigns all over the world for brands such as Green Giant, Air New Zealand, Pizza Hut and Darbo Jam. It was at an audition for a television campaign that she was noticed by a casting director who asked her to audition for several films.

Her film credits include Time Machine, directed by Liam Bachler; As Above, So Below, directed by Kim Gunter; and The Most Fun You Can Have Dying, directed by Kirstin Marcon. Today Gorelova is living in California and continues to work on her modeling and acting career. She has recently finished a worldwide campaign for Double Tree Hotels and Resorts.


Bret Kennedy- The talented actor from down under!

Bret Kennedy is the first of two children. He has a sister who is 20 months his senior. He existed and acted like an adult in a little suburban town called Fairfield, in the western suburbs of Sydney. Show was never a draw card at school for him. He was increasingly into his sports. At 22 Bret made companions with a stunt co-ordinator in the Us by the name of Jeff Pruitt, who happened to be the stunt co-ordinator for Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series. It was here that his energy for film was launched. He contemplated hand to hand fighting for 4 years in Sydney, and after a troublesome choice, chose to climb to Queensland to puruse his profession further.

Bret prepared for 4 years as a stunt perfomer, picking up as S.a.p after the first year, empowering him to take a shot on set as a qualified stuntie. In 2005, Bret auditioned for a part in a short film called “Netherworld” where he was to fill the role of Gabriel. The short went ahead to win in front of the rest of the competition in the New York International Independent Film Festival. However, all the more vitally he began another fellowship with executive Greg Connors and Producer Stuart Wall. The three went ahead to make Filmwerx77, a preparation organization that might see Bret in the part of Michaels, a soldier of fortune attempting to get by in “The Dark Lurking”. The production is at present screening in North America, Russia, Japan, with discharges in Thailand, Vietnam and Japan early 2010.

The start in The Dark Lurking, which emphasized Kennedy’s stunt works, is truly basic: all the survivors have to do is to get out alive. The point when this story is situated in the realm of science fiction, this film is to have the heroes call for assistance, uncover the Starship Enterprise and call for “beam me up Scotty”- That might close the film quick.

Rather, what this film does is to proceed for more or less 95 minutes incorporating credits. No one is set to leave alive and that is too bluntly secured at the beginning. No one at Outpost 30 even knows their destiny, yet that absolutely won’t prevent them from attempting to make it up to the surface.

The future looks bright for this extremely talented Aussie Actor- Bret Kennedy!

Thelma Gudmunds- A talented Theater And Film Actress

Hailing from Iceland with looks of a classical English or French actress, the beautiful, Thelma Gudmunds, is known to be an extremely talented and gifted performer. She has worked in several commercials, theater and films throughout her career and has been educated extensively in the field of acting. After moving from Iceland in order to further her career, Thelma began taking evening classes for the camera at the Cours Fransoise Covillault, then continued classes at the Jack Waltzers Actors Studio in Paris where she majored in scene studies.

Thelma was given a scene from the movie Closer to play the part of Anna, where Jack Waltzer, her teacher and coach from the Jack Waltzer’s Actor Studio, praised her portrayal of the character. He said it was one of the best he had seen, when it was staged in NY, LA and London. After settling in London, Thelma underwent a Bachelor of Honors Degree in Acting from the famous Italia Conti Academy of Theater Arts. Greats like Paul Vale have praised Thelma’s acting skills during her studies at Italia Conti as a highly skilled and versatile actress. ‘Thelma leads you to believe that she is not from Iceland, as her accent and her acting skills go way beyond the nativities of this place’. Paul also suggested that Thelma can actually leave her previous roles and accents behind and grasp a new character in totality. He especially loved her monologues and comic timing.

Later, Thelma went for the Intensive Workshops at the renowned Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles and TVI, in New York. Thelma portrays a wide range of human emotions in her performances and counts performing in theater as one of her favorite platforms. In earlier days, Thelma also studied at the University of Bordeaux where she learned French, literature, arts and poetry, where her preliminary acting stints also started at the same time.
Thelma has played many interesting characters in theater productions, such as Marlene Dietrich in Piaf, Bertha Mason in After Mrs Rochester, The Mother in Law in Lorca’s play Blood Wedding, as well as others. She has also featured in many commercials, throughout her career, for several products in places like Tokyo, Paris, London and Iceland.

Thelma feels very comfortable working in front of the camera, in the many roles she has played in independent and short films. In the feature film Natalie, Thelma raved about her amazing and unique experience on set with fabulous French actor Gerard Depardieu, who she says was very friendly, taking her around the set and introducing her to his many friends and colleagues.
Thelma is also trained in Armed and Unarmed Stage Combat and Physical Theater, to add to her long list of talents. Thelma speaks French, English and Icelandic fluently and has a general American, Icelandic/English accent. Music wise, Thelma can also sing Soprano. The future just keeps getting brighter for this amazingly talented young actress!