Putting her passion into her craft, Actress Mai Arwas

Actress Mai Arwas

Actress Mai Arwas

Standing 5’5, Mai Arwas small stature doesn’t stop her from being one of the hit actresses on the scene. Using her talent at a young age, Mai was ready for the challenges placed before her with her career in acting. Taking her career seriously, Mai began taking courses when she was only 16 years of age, first going to Redroofs and Arts Ed in the UK then headed to LA in order to study at the famous ‘Lee StrasbergTheatre and Film Institute’.

Being raised in the UK, the move to LA to take these classes was difficult for Mai – but her career became her number one priority. Mai takes classes when she can in order to keep working on her craft and this shows how her dedication to this field is 100%. Her dedication to her career has landed her lead roles in films such as Cocaine directed by Sasha Krane and Departure, Blood Bath & Bloody Hell, by GearMark Pictures. While these roles were a step in the right direction, it was Mai’s role in Departure is the one that stands out the most, as that really took her career to new heights.

Using the training and experience before, Mai pushed her performance passed
exceptional and this film has won a special recognition at the ‘First Glance Film Festival’ winning the title of ‘Best Director’. Her success in acting has surpassed just film though. Mai Arwas has also been the lead woman in music videos, Cruel World by M.I.A. Productions and Oh, Be A Defector by Illustration Productions where she was able to embrace a different side to her acting. Theatre plays, commercials and modeling have also been heavily explored by the actress, where her performances have never been less than sentimental. Embodying every part of her career, Mai Arwas is one of the most successful actresses because of her dedication to her career and mastering her craft.

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