Waleed Elgadi to appear alongside Tom Hanks in “Hologram for the King”

Waleed Elgadi

Waleed Elgadi

It’s rare to find an established actor with a great amount of talent and experience, who is also so clearly proud of his heritage and roots. Waleed Elgadi is an extensively working actor who has been working in the industry since 2002. He was born in Sudan and is of Sudanese-Egyptian heritage. He later moved to the UK at the age of 10 and started performing aged 13 when he fell in love with acting. In the UK he was able to study drama and choose the performing arts as a career. Waleed initially had some trouble adjusting with academia at school partly due to some undiagnosed dyslexia early on. His drama schoolteacher believed in him, saw his potential and talent, and so pushed him to apply for a scholarship at the prestigious Hurtwood House College. Waleed got the scholarship, like his drama teacher knew he would. When he finished at Hurtwood, he attended the University of Liverpool and received an honors degree in English Literature & Philosophy.

After that Waleed did a postgraduate performance course at Mountview Academy for the performing arts, where he received his professional training. He has starred in featured films, theatre, television, musicals, and has varied voice over experience too. Waleed’s first film lead was in 2002 called ‘Dirty War’, which gained a ton of critical acclaim and recognition. The film was even screened at the White House when President Bush was in office. This first film truly opened doors and made him well known in the acting world. In theatre, it was most definitely the role of “Yasser” in the 90 minute monologue that was a huge accomplishment.

The audience saw him traverse through nearly 30 different characters and it was so loved by the press, The Times picked it as The Critics Choice and the British Theatre Guide called his performance ‘a master class in acting’. Waleed’s most recent role to date was the recurring guest role of “Walid Rashid” in Fox’s hit series “Tyrant”, recently commissioned for a second season. He is also soon to appear alongside Tom Hanks in the upcoming feature “Hologram for the King”. Waleed Elgadi is truly an amazing actor in every sense of the phrase. He has accomplished so much emigrating from another country and has made the masses completely in awe of his work. He’s a master in his craft and has played so many amazing roles that lit up this always-illuminating career.


International star Shabana Hussain


Shabana Hussain

Shabana Hussain

In this day and age, it’s very difficult to find an actress that is truly talented and in love with her profession. Shabana Hussain is an exception. She’s such an incredible actress from London, England and is of Pakistani decent. She has loved acting since she was a small child and has been performing ever since. Acting is her passion and she has been working hard to get to where she is now, since a young age. Shabana has starred in films, plays, and tv commercials within London and also in Munich, Germany.

She is currently living in Munich now and has been for the past four years. Shabana has been in several commercials all shot in the UK, she has been in quite a few productions, and has received training from very prestigious schools such as: The Method Studio in London, Ivanna Chubbuck Studio, and Michelle Danner Acting Studio. She has gained so much experience from all the training and continues to keep excelling in her craft. Shabana recently auditioned for an exciting pilot which will be shot this year in LA, where she is planning to go to and expand her craft and audition for some offered projects and roles. She plans to keep getting invoked in exciting projects and auditioning for important roles. She has conquered the UK, Germany, and won’t be look till the US is amazed by her work. No matter where Shabana auditions for or showcases her acting skills, she’s guaranteed to be the star of whatever she’s a part of! This girl is magical and lights up the screen!

England’s own Alon Bentley

Alon Bentley

Alon Bentley

Alon Bentley is an established performing artist that was born in Northampton, England. His parents are well known in their field, his dad was former band manager Graham Bentley and his mother is a successful author. His parent’s background was most likely the reason that he was introduced to music and why he loves being a performing artist today. Alon started his career by focusing on making his own music and perfecting his ‘art’ through endless practice as somewhat of a perfectionist.

Over time he has grown to become an expert in various arts and has been part of many successful projects. This includes, feature films, music videos, bands, television and even radio. Alon first performed as part of an acoustic duo named ‘Obvious Reasons’ well over a decade ago. If you ask Alon he will tell you that from the very beginning he wanted to create his own brand whether that is in music, acting or in production behind the camera. Of course he has people that he idolises but he would much rather be known as the first of his kind, rather than the next “insert name here”!

After releasing music and touring for years, in a newly rocked up five piece band, Alon then turned his attention to acting. He trained in a number of England’s elite drama schools but prefers to cite his life experiences as the crucial part of his self-discovery as a performing artist. Alon Bentley is always looking to grow as an individual and as an artist by setting himself several career goals. 2015 will see the small screen debut of his written work when his sitcom ‘Sex, Drugs and Veggie Springs Rolls’ airs in the UK. He is also working on a treatment for the Sci-fi channel in the US and plans on moving to LA in the near future. Many exciting opportunities undoubtedly await him. This is one talented Brit, potentially set for international super stardom!

A huge future awaits Shea Kimpton-Brown

Shining star Shea Kimpton-Brown

Shining star Shea Kimpton-Brown

When it comes to having a knack for acting, Shea Kimpton-Brown is the doppelganger of her younger sister Summer Kimpton-Brown. The 12-year old English actress began her career in performing arts and modeling, and following in her sister’s footsteps, soon got into acting.

As Shea looked natural in her modeling photographs, her mother sensed that her elder daughter could try acting as well. She took her to London’s Celebrity Talent Academy where Shea watched her sister act, and decided she could do it too, joining the academy thereafter. With them she has played roles such as Pepper in Annie The Musical, Patrice in 13 The Musical, Young Eponine in Les Mis, Susan Pevensie in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Jemima in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Mary in The Secret Garden. It wasn’t long before she was discovered by the US-based talent agency, Talent INC. and is currently training via Skype with Gray’s studio in LA.

When it comes to modeling, Shea gets inspirations from Cara Devlin. As for her acting roles models, she is greatly inspired by Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence. When asked about her favorite male stars, Shea expressed interest to act opposite Zac Effron and Robert Pattinson as she can learn so much from these versatile actors. She will be seen with her sister in the TV series The Good Guys Club, which is currently in pre-production & to be aired in 2015.

As for her future plans she looks forward to work on commercial prints in LA and New York, while at the same time make her mom and dad proud through her acting skills. She suggests newcomers let their personality shine by overcoming their nerves and carefully listening to producers or photographers.

Violetta Gaetani and Afraid of My Neighbor

Violetta Gaetani on stage

Violetta Gaetani on stage

Violetta Gaetani is a young Italian musician graduated by the Musicians Institute from LA and the lead vocals on the melodic hard-rock band Afraid of My Neighbor, also settled in Los Angeles. Despite her passion for commercial rock and pop-rock cheerful tunes, Violetta is no sweet diva standing and singing while everybody around her do the hard work. Her passion for music took her to serious grounds and to the development of professional, technical skills, as well as she is an entitled professional for vocal teaching in the Musicians Institute. Right now getting ready to start a tour around the western coast promoting her band’s first EP, Violetta is just starting to pave the grounds of her route to fame.


To become a musician as eager and dedicated as she is was not as hard as it could be when you are raised in a nest of art and music. Violetta’s father, Filippo Gaetani has a music studio at the place where Violetta has grown up in the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy. The then young girl was always paying a visit to her father’s studio and her passion for all about the music process was gradually growing with her. In 2009 when she was already a teenager, she released her debut EP “Defeating the Impossible” with the help of her father through his studio, Rayrecordings. At this point, Violetta was already skilled and aware of audio engineering as well as she would be writing and singing her own songs. The desire to move to LA was the next step to make her goals as a musician to go further.


Music for Violetta must be appealing and able to bring people together, that’s why she is not ashamed to love commercial music and pursue the top notch quality of this kind of production despite being an avid fan of hard rock and heavy tunes, as they can be as appealing as anything else commercial, something she and her band are proving well. In 2012 Violetta has become part of her own band, Afraid of My Neighbor. The energetic and young quality of their heavy melodies and fierce performance is gradually setting their fame. Recently the band released their first self-titled EP and they are not shy about the success. The band is getting ready for a tour around the western coast after several enthusiastic gigs in LA. Graduated in Audio Engineering by the Musicians Institute, Violetta play a part in all aspect of her music, is the girl also behind the Pro Tools and not only the microphone as she is an eager talent forging her art and spreading it around with her musical mates. The band’s debut EP can be streamed on Spotify and is available at iTunes store.

The incredible work of Cengiz Dervis

Cengiz Dervis

Cengiz Dervis

Cengiz Dervis is a multi-talented performer hailing from London, UK. An actor, combat expert, producer, writer who produced and starred in the award winning short film “Drake”.

Cengiz creates some of his work through “Fight Me Productions” which he set up in 2012 and this successful performer is starting to see his written works hit the shelves and screen with he’s published books and scripts. 2013 saw the release of ‘The Drake Files’ the first of three 280 page graphic novels and his children book series ‘Jengito’.

Production wise in 2014, Cengiz has completed filming in feature films “By Any Name”, “Retribution”, “Life Is Too Short”, “A Dark Reflection” and the short films “London Hood” and “Salvation”, where he was nominated for Best Villain at the 2014 AOF Film Festival in California.”.

Future projects cover the feature films “The Drake Files” and “Galahad” both which he created and his idea has been turned into a script / adapted by screenwriter Craig Busek. Both feature films to be produced by Beresford Pictures where Cengiz will play the lead role in both. Additionally, he’s currently gearing up to film short film “Brothers Promise” and 2015 see’s cast in a leading role in feature film “The Meeting” alongside the very talented Dan Richardson and Hugh Quarshie.

Cengiz’s love for acting began when he was just a teenager and he used to produce short films with friends and was involved in theatre before totally focusing on screen acting. Now Cengiz is a master of Martial Arts trained in kickboxing, MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai and Ancient, Eastern and modern weapons training… Cengiz occasionally assists in preparing actors physically for film where he can call upon his extensive combat background and understanding of screen action.

He has worked with such names as Funny man Rowan Atkinson, Grammy award winner Natalie Imbruglia,Matthew Macfadyen and more.

When it comes to talent, skills and determination, Cengiz is your go- to guy, not to mention he has a huge future. We can’t wait to see what he does next!


Ready for Stardom- Phoebe Plasto

Aussie beauty Phoebe Plasto

Aussie beauty Phoebe Plasto

Phoebe Plasto is the latest new talent emerging from Australia to the worldwide acting scene. She has been described as a combination of Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Lawrence, with a sophisticated but goofy and jokester manner; the only time she’s ever serious is when she’s in front of the camera. She is a down to earth Aussie girl ready for the bright lights of LA.

Plasto was born and raised in Sydney, where she discovered her love for acting at a young age. Growing up in an artistic family, Phoebe was able to flourish her artistic expression in an open environment. She started classical ballet when she was 2 years old, which triggered her urge to perform and be on stage.

While at school, she was involved in every aspect of performing arts, from singing, dancing and acting in her school musicals, acting in plays and singing and dancing in the performing arts nights, Phoebe didn’t miss an opportunity to be on stage. She took time out from school to study at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts and after graduating high school, it was no surprise that she was accepted into the prestigious New York Film Academy where she vigorously studied acting and was trained by several of the best acting coaches in the world.

When returning to Australia after studying in New York, Phoebe got straight into the theatre scene, putting her hard studies to good use. Adding credit after credit to her resume, Phoebe went on to earn herself a best actress nomination for her role in the risky Aboriginal indie drama, “Leave it at That”. Wanting to broaden her range, Phoebe went on and tried her hand in Verbatim theatre, acting in the critically acclaimed ‘Run Rabbit Run’, a play based on the history of the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Dabbling in the world of modeling, Phoebe can be seen in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Ruush, Oyster and Girlfriend magazines, as well as modeling for brands such as Status Anxiety, Perspective and Grey Ghost Apparel Australia and many other brands. She also graced the cover of Sydney Newspaper ‘City Hub’, praising her for her bold performance in play ‘Blue Rock’.

Phoebe has been expanding her artistic talent in Australia and aboard, acting in several indie and art house films, a television series and a vast array of plays. She has also starred in music videos such as ‘Erotica’ by Giorgio Ciccone, a classic 80’s hit originally written and performed by his cousin Madonna, as well as Australian Indie Rock Band ‘Sea Legs’ for their hit song ‘Al Pacino’.

She was notably successful in her collaborations with awarded playwright and director Lisa Eismen, who has continually cast Plasto in leading roles. After collaborating on many projects, Plasto and Eismen are teaming up once again to work on another film together, which will go into production later this year.

Once filming is complete, Phoebe will be on the first flight out to Los Angeles where in her up and coming projects, she will be establishing herself as one of the must-see current talents of Australia. Watch this space…


Hard working and dedicated performer Luke King

The talented Luke King

The talented Luke King

Some people have such talent and commitment towards their profession that it is easily reflected in their work and appreciated by one and all. One such successful and immensely dedicated performer is British actor Luke King who has given outstanding performances in the various fields of entertainment. His brilliant performances are seen in his theatre credits like “Are You Positive”, “The Gas”, “London Tour”, “Ghetto”, “Blink of An Eye”, “Bloody Taunton”, “Lysistrata”, George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and 1984 adopted by Nick Lane. It is worth mentioning that the director of “George Orwell’s ‘1984’ Benn Cody was impressed by the way Luke was committed and was professional during the rehearsals as well as the production. Luke was recipient of John Miekle Award when the run of the play was finished.

For Luke, his personal favorite role is that of Risk in “Face Up”. Besides this he has also featured in the music video for Luke Potter’s “We’re alive”, the films “Family Meeting” and Ahmet Bilkan’s The Ring”, short films “Guilt’, “Happily Never After” and “Status Update”. The most admirable aspect about Luke are his qualities for hardworking and dedication and though he aspired to get into football, today he has carved himself a place in the world of entertainment through his incredible performances.

He is a Graduate of Bath Spa University BA Hons in Performing Arts and has received extensive training in various subfields of the entertainment industry. This surely shows the level of passion this young star has. His upcoming projects include “Face Up”, Kiss FM commercial and also he is directing a short film. Inspired by legends like Noel Clark and Chiwetel Ejiofor, Luke wants to perform as long as he is able to across the various mediums of entertainment. He wants to continue studying, learning as well as honing his craft and his future plan is to work in America. This young star is a believer of giving back ot society and wishes to open acting school in his local area of Wembley. For aspiring performers he gives advice to be surrounded with positive people and not to take rejection personally.




A class act- International actor Richard Stables

Richard Stables

Richard Stables

Richard Stables is an Australian/British actor. Richard says he knew he wanted to be an actor since he was 11 years old but never really got around to doing it until the age of 19. He saw an English actor named Danny Webb play Hamlet in an English Touring Company production of ‘Hamlet’ in Perth where he grew up, and he says he felt he had to just jump in and do it.

Richard first trained at the KAFF theatre in Perth with Will McKaskill when he was 20. He then trained at drama school in London; the ‘Arts Educational Schools London’ for 3 years. He says some of his biggest inspirations include Brando, De Niro, Pacino, Duvall, Gena Rowlands, Ellen Burstyn; the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s method guys. Others include Laurence Oliver, Gary Oldman, Daniel Day Lewis, Ralph Fiennes, Judi
Dench and Anthony Hopkins.

Gena Rowlands would be his ideal co-star saying that despite her age, it would be an absolute honor to work with her. “I’ve been a huge fan, and of course her husband too. The late great John Cassavettes.” “ I would love to work with her because she always transforms into these crazy, strong yet tender characters.” “When she performs, she does what all great actors do, she throws it all away, trusts that its within her and around her, connects to her partner, her circumstance and plays an action; living truthfully and fully in the moment. It’s very sexy.”

‘The Power of Darkness’ has been his favorite role to play so far. He says he is working on a second feature film with Greg Blakey. In future he would like to move to LA; be bicoastal (between LA and New York), continue training with the ‘greats’, and keep making films and theatre with talented artists.

The rise of actor Cameron Anderson

Cameron Anderson

Cameron Anderson

The world of entertainment has some exceptionally talented artists and one such highly successful and amazing performer is Cameron Anderson who is best known for his performances in film productions like “Coulda Woulda Shoulda”, “The Bank Job” (a multi-million dollar feature film), “The Spoiler”, “Twin Suns “and more. Cameron went to the prestigious Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) in London, one of only seven drama schools that were accredited by the National Council for Drama Training (NCDT).

This accomplished actor performed in the stage production of ‘Welcome Back’ for the Walking Forward Theatre Company which took Cameron on a three month contract touring Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Germany. Cameron also appeared in the 2009 Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johannson film, The Other Boelyn Girl.

Cameron has spread his talent across the mediums like films, television, theatre, web series along with appearing in commercials and being a presenter.  What is fantastic about him is that he gives brilliant performance across the various mediums and his versatility is simply splendid. His theatre credits cover “Welcome Back”, “The Two Gentleman of Verona” and “Naked Flame”.

In 2012, Cameron was picked to be the face of online dating firm eHarmony. In the year 2013, Cameron appeared in the Europe wide commercial for Holiday Inn Express, a subsidiary of the world’s largest hotel firm, Intercontinental Hotel Group. He has also expanded his experience in the world of presenting, appearing on screen in projects for global firms such as Vodafone, Lenovo and AB Foods.

For a person as talented, dedicated and committed towards his profession, Cameron is one of those few artists who have rich experiences across throughout the different mediums of the entertainment world. He surely is a gifted artist.