Edris Davarian- world class photography sensation


It’s quite fascinating to shoot the stars at night although difficult, but demands skills and fulfills discipline in the profession of photography.  We are all the spectators of the absolutely great shots of stars striking the sky. The real tricky job is to shoot the living stars and Edris Davarian has been doing this marvelous and dream job for the past ten years.

He started his career as a professional photographer, and he has had the honor of shooting some famous models, singers and actors, over the years. Photography is an art and he has full command of it. Where as others may be reluctant and don’t care to get perfection in this type of work. They just take a picture and show it to their friends. But sometimes pictures catch your attention; it has the worth to clean up and frame for hanging on your wall. This picture can be your own, a loved one or some type of beauty or nature. That is when the challenge of photography gets in the frame.

Edris Davarian is a real artist who loves his work and is extremely enthusiastic about it. He has served his passion for over a decade and during this time, photography becomes fervor to him. Photography has become relaxing and an exiting thrill to Edris, that is unexplainable in words. Beauty has always attracted him in any form shape, color or age. It can be a human being, nature, some special moment or event. He just loves to capture and make his viewers see it through his eyes.

The tips and tricks involved in the world of photography, we must say is quite a process because you have to put yourself out there 100% to produce the desired results. You have to feel the feelings of the object . You have to put life in idle. All of these skills are not just a practice but an art that has to be involved in the whole process.

Edris Davarian started his career off as professional photographer after completing his Art degree in 2002. Later, he decided to follow his passion and dream to become a professional photographer. People have always been his favorite subject matter to focus on, as he loves to capture their expressions in the moment. For Edris, diferent cultures, events and emotions have always attracted him.

In a recent interview, he said “I truly love photographing people. I love capturing the expression and emotion of a person. Discovering new faces and first time models, the innocence they walk in with, and the beauty that exudes once they are in front of my lens.” Edris has captured hundreds of models, actors and singers and countless freelance subjects over the years.

His work can be seen in some of the world’s most upscale magazines and publications. For more info, go to:


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