Germany’s Sarah Marissa Wullinger features in new Sprint commercial

The gorgeous Sarah Marissa Wullinger

The gorgeous Sarah Marissa Wullinger

Born in Stuttgart Germany, and beginning her acting career by performing small plays for her mother, Sarah Marissa Wullinger studied the techniques of acting from a very young age. She relocated to Los Angeles, where she enrolled at the famous Stella Adler Academy of Acting and performed in numerous productions after departing Germany in 2010.

Her big break came in the form of a role she played in the production of Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America”, that ran at the Irene Gilbert Theater in Los Angeles where she effortlessly gained the attention of industry heavyweights. Sarah also earned an honorable mention for a Clinique Happy commercial, which was directed by Amy Walmann who raved about Sarah Marissa’s talent-“Her performance in the Clinique Happy Commercial was brilliant during every moment of each take. I have auditioned and followed many actresses in the industry. I can state that few can rival the skills and ability that Sarah possesses. I would rank her in the top 1%”.

Sarah has also featured in a national commercial for Sprint which has elevated her even higher with her image being splashed across billboards. She also featured in the short film Rain Day, that went to the Cannes Short Film corner and played in German theaters. However, if this wasn’t enough to add to her long list of talents, this gorgeous actress also helps the FBI with terrorist negotiation training by re-enacting hostage situations. They will fly all of the top agents across the US to become super skilled in freeing hostages. Sarah is well sort after as one of their favorite actresses they use to play a terrorist or hostage for the training.

Sarah says some of the most important things to remember as an actress are, to stay true to yourself and your own goals and don’t let anyone do “construction” on them. She says it’s important to understand that with most things like this, it’s a bit of a numbers game. The more auditions, the higher the chance of callbacks and bookings. The more you put in, the more you get out. There’s always some aspect of the industry that you can take control of, If you can’t get an audition, make your own movie. Shoot a web series, it’s not illegal to do your own thing. I don’t know why people don’t just do their own thing when they can’t get an audition.

She says her favorite roles to play so far are Rabbi in Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America” and her voice over videos of Aaron Paul’s Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman saying “bitch” that she sends her friends.

You can also watch out for Sarah in another amazing movie “Perception of Art” which will be shown at several festivals and will also be available on Netflix. We can’t wait to see what this beauty does next, we are all anxiously waiting.

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