Biography: Performer Kate Petersen

Australian performer Kate Peterson

Australian performer Kate Petersen

When it comes to performing acts and stunts, then one woman who has earned a distinguished place in this area is none other than Kate Petersen. This amazing artist began gymnastics at the age of three. Her experience in performance comprises of shows like Sea World Pirates Unleashed, Movie World Fright Nights, Ice Skating Cabarets, Dream world Zombie Evolution and Daydream circus, Fire Twirling Performances and Various Circus Performances. She is a highly passionate, dedicated and thorough professional. She serves as an excellent example of a committed team member and a wonderful athlete.

In the team nationals, she bagged the first position and has competed nationally. This highly skilled artist is a passionate and dedicated performer and athlete. She was scouted at a gymnastics competition and at the tender age of twelve, was asked to join a circus.Presently, her experience in circus runs for about a decade and she has been performing in different circuses throughout Australia.She has trained with the Trix Circus and the Super Performance Centre and was involved in various different corporate events and shows. For the past six years, she has given many featured individual performances and was also the Performance Coordinator for many of the shows.

Her talent and performance won her an acting scholarship (worth 5000 dollars) from the Australian Acting Academy by competing against more than 2000 applicants.She began ice-skating at the age of sixteen as a hobby and was scouted once more to train in the elite group for the Gold Coast. She won the Gold Coast, Australia Championships three years running and stood second at the Australian National Championships.

She is also involved in stunt training and has recently been graded as a stunt woman in the Australian MEAA union. She comes across as an extremely cooperative person with mentors, coaches and directors and is an enthusiastic stage performer. In Hollywood, she wishes to continue with her blooming career and already has an offer to be a fight choreographer in an upcoming film. This is one fierce Aussie girl!






The multi-talented Hayley Gilbert

Hayley Gilbert, here for the long run

Hayley Gilbert, here for the long run

Hayley Gilbert is an actress from the United Kingdom who is best known for her performances in The World, Dustland and scAIRcrows. This multi-talented artist dived into the sea of acting when she got called up on stage by Buttons in Cinderella at the Beck Theatre. She went to Crystal Arts which is a Theatre School and there, she got her first acting gig with Keith Chegwin and Tony Blackburn in “Top a Ten Really Annoying Records”.

She grew up watching classic movies and admires Doris Day and Audrey Hepburn. She is also inspired by Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn. She enjoys her work so much that each performance is considered as a joyful memory for her and the part she won in a musical at The London Palladium in her early career is one of her fondest memories she has. She considers her role of Anne Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank as her most notable performance. Her ideal co-stars would be either Nicholas Cage or Robin Williams. This dedicated and committed actress believes in persistence and in continuous hard work.

She is a highly accomplished artist and equally versatile too. This is evident from her performances in television, films, theatre, commercials and music. Her television work includes “Who Killed Lady Goo Goo?”, “Trail and Retribution”, “Mohair” and “Crime Team”. She has appeared in films like “You Reap What You Love”, “Strange Little Girl” and“Overdrive”. She is an accomplished performer in theatre too, with appearances in “In Our Time”, “The Murder Game”, “Oliver Twist”, and “Diary of Anne Frank” to name a few. With such rich experience it is not astonishing that she has worked with some of the finest production houses and great directors in the world. Apart from this, her hobbies include jogging, swimming and cycling.

She is an excellent example of someone who is passionate about her work and is a great performer in all aspects of acting including television, theatre and film. Her upcoming projects include “Vignettes which is a web series about online dating. As for the future, Hayley aims to act in television sitcoms and dramas, which are some of her favorite areas.

This dedicated and talented actress from the UK has the world including Hollywood, at her feet!


Bio: Singer Steinunn Osk

Iceland's talented and beautiful musician Steinunn Osk. Photo credit: Andrew Pino

Iceland’s talented and beautiful musician Steinunn Osk. Photo credit: Andrew Pino

Living in Hollywood as vocalist from Iceland, singer Steinunn Osk has come a long way to reach the level of success she has today. Reaching to the heights of fame wasn’t an easy road for her, but her passion for music and singing kept her going. She was known to be ambitions when it came to music and singing and perhaps her very reason to become the performer she is now.

What often happens is that not too many are fortunate enough to get the kind of recognition that singer Steinunn Osk has received. With an amazing voice of her time, she has participated in numerous stage shows that are amazing and have received great reviews from many audiences. Singer Steinunn Osk was raised in Iceland – the country doesn’t need any introduction. The country is known to be inspirational and has given several creative artists like Bjork, Sigurros and Of Monsters and Men a head start and the list is endless where Steinunn plays an important role.

Steinunn Osk was a shy kid. Though her upbringing was in a theatrical environment, she was not able to sing in front of a bunch of people. It was not until, she moved out of Iceland and started her professional singing career and gained confidence in singing.

While in Los Angeles, attending the famed Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Steinunn met her bandmates and joined the band “In The Key Of Earth” in 2012 releasing their first album in September of 2013. The album (self-titled) is of earthy, ambient, new age rock and draws inspiration from Depeche Mode, Devin Townsend, Portishead and SigurRós. The band is also inspired by nature and the earth, demonstrated on their tracks, using such sounds as water, wolves howling and volcano eruption.

The current band members in The Key Of The Earth, include:: Jazzlyn Rose (keyboards, songwriter, producer), Steinunn Ósk Axelsdóttir (lead vocals, lyricist (and vocal melodies) ) Anel Orantes Pedrero (bass, background vocals), Alec De Kervor (guitar) and Kirsche Day Messenger (background vocals). Audiences throughout many of their shows are thrilled at the depth and energy of their music when they perform live.

This is one musician and group setting the world stage on fire!


Chantelle James starring in the new webseries ‘Strange LA’

The sophisticated and talented Chantelle James

The sophisticated and talented Chantelle James

One actress who is described as Holly Hunter and said to have the grace of Natalie Portman and goofiness of Zooey Deschanel is the Australian actress Chantelle James.  Born in Sydney, Australia,Chantelle has been showing interest in the field ever since she was a child. When she was only 5-6 years old she started teaching choreography to kids and also began putting on plays and performances for parents. Soon she landed in dance and acting classes.  She has spent three years at the drama school at the Actors Centre Australia. Post her graduation, she worked in theatre and films.She then just packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles. She believes in staying inspired and hence presently involved in taking improv classes at Upright Citizens Brigade, Los Angeles. It was here that she developed great liking for comedy.

She draws her biggest inspiration from the strong and smart talented Australia woman Cate Blanchett. She considers the comedy stars Will Ferrell or Leslie Mann as her ideal co-stars. Ever since she has moved to the US, she has done a short film named ‘Proper Stranger’ which is directed by Stephanie Wolf, ‘Soft shell Crab and da Meatballs’ which is a hilarious video film clip by artist Dug. Apart from these she has done a TV series Killer Kids directed by Ralph Greco and also the web series Bond James Bond.

While stating the works of Chantelle James, how can we not mention the web series ‘Strange LA’ created by her and Alexandra Grossi starring Alexandra Grossi, Jonathan Cherry, Dasha Flyn, Julie Birke, Natalie Burtney, Philippe Day, Tia Moeller and Jeneffa Soldatic aside from herself and directed by Jonas Kord. She considers her character of Brigitte in this series as her personal favorite as comedy is her favorite genre and portraying this role was really something she really enjoyed. ‘Strange LA’ is based around a news program called ‘Strange LA’ that reports the ‘news’ which is not really news at all. The show is a satirical sketch comedy which makes fun of the way people in LA live. If you want to catch up with ‘Strange LA’ then just wait till June 3rd for its release and in the meantime, you can follow the official webpage as well as Facebook and Instagram.

As for future, this amazing actress aspires to have her own successful production company.

The beauty and talent of Aussie actress Marissa Wynne

The beauty and talent of Marissa Wynne

The beauty and talent of Marissa Wynne

Marissa Wynne is an extremely talented actress; some may even say that she is a prodigy, landing her first major role on the outstanding show Mortified at the young age of 16. Marissa started off with local theatre productions, right away people knew that she belonged in Hollywood. This beautiful blonde bombshell has accomplished so much and can take on any role that is given to her.

Marissa Wynne was only 18 years old when she was accepted into Queensland University of Technology’s prestigious BFA acting course, making her the youngest girl in her company. Shortly, at QUT she discovered how passionate she was for improvisation and performing comedy.Soon after, she moved to Sydney and appeared in many awe-inspiring commercials, a guest starring role on the uproarious series of Deadly Women and numerous short films and sort-after webisodes.

Audiences are seeing so much of Marissa Wynne and were pleasantly surprised when they saw her in popular comedian Matt Okine’s  DVD series. She appeared in a few sketches and her performance was so well done people considered it to be “Grotesque and Imaginative”.  In 2013, Marissa Wynne traveled to the land of the stars, Los Angeles.  She came to LA in hopes of furthering her improv training at The Second City and iOWEST. She plans on returning in the near future to take the next level of class and has so much ambition! Out all of all her work she recently completed what she calls “her most exciting job to date”, a guest role appearing on the upcoming ‘Australia’ episode of Modern Family.

Marissa Wynne is rapidly taking Hollywood by storm and is such a talented actress!

Agnieska Lal’s new Documentary ‘Heading Liberty’

Agnieska Lal's 'Heading Liberty'

Agnieska Lal’s ‘Heading Liberty’

There are very few people within the world of television that have the personal motivation to give up their time to really pursue their dream, but Agnieska Lal is one of those rare people that, from a very young age, has been aware of the sacrifices that one needs to make to succeed in television. She should know, after all – she has been a television presenter since the age of fourteen.

Agnieska’s parents both worked within the television world in Poland when she was a child, which gave her a love of the sets, the direction and  the production value that could so easily be added onto a production.

Therefore, when the chance came up for her to audition to become a presenter on a TV youth program in Poland, Agnieska jumped at the chance – without even letting her parents know that she was trying out for it! She was successful, and that was how her career began. But it was not always plain sailing; because of her young age, Agnieska had to balance a strict television schedule with her schooling, often trying to get her homework completed between rehearsals.

Now, Agnieska has more experience than most people ten years her senior within the world of television, which is why Agnieska is looking for a new challenge. Now, instead of sitting in front of the camera, Agnieska is working behind it. Her producing has been admired by many people, and she is currently working on a travel documentary called Heading Liberty. Agnieska hopes to continue her career within the production world, gaining more and more experience to increase her skill base as she seeks to create more beautiful films. It is really anyone’s guess as to where she will end up, but she certainly has the talent to go all the way and already has Hollywood talking.

Actress Katie Elizabeth turning heads!


Katie Elizabeth in ‘Stripped’

From small acorns, do great oaks grow. It may be a phrase as old as the hills, but it remains just as true as it ever did, and Katie Elizabeth is just one example of that. When only a mere seven years old, Katie had the opportunity to audition for the role of Melody in the film Brassed Off. This chance to appear on a stage gave Katie such a buzz, even at that age, that her parents recognized that she could have a real talent within her.

Katie joined Stagecoach in 1998, and throughout her time there she gained the lead role in many productions and showcases. It was evident to many people that watched her act that she had an amazing amount of power behind her performances. In fact, her performance of Sally Bowles in Cabaret won her the Student of the Year Award in 2007.

Further inspired by the work that she was doing, Katie then decided to take on a two year course in performing arts. Once again, throughout her time Katie shone absolutely above and beyond her co-stars, and Katie knew that she could not stop there. Studying at a university level pushed her acting techniques further beyond her comfort levels, and Katie continued to be noticed for her ability to exceed all expectations. Other University of Salford alumni on the same course that Katie took include Peter Kay, Christopher Eccleston, and Jim Sturgess.

Katie has proven herself successful already, but does not want to stop there. Currently, Katie is working towards starting her first ever pilot season in Los Angeles, working very closely with Susan Havins and Allan & JoAnn Keper. She is furthering her networking within the US, which is springboarding her into gaining a co-star ring part in a television series.

Swiss Actor Swell Soubra

Actor Swell Soubra

Actor Swell Soubra

There are some people who are so passionate about their talent that they do not mind risking their safe careers and diving into an ocean of uncertainty. We are talking about the Geneva born actor Swell Soubra who quit his career in banking to pursue acting.

His acting career boasts several versatile roles, including movies like “The Incision,” in which he played a devious organ broker. The movie will be soon screened in film festivals such as the California Independent Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, Manhattan Short Film Festival, and Burbank Film Festival.

He acted in the Swiss psychological thriller “Sjtrijikatzch”, in which he played a very challenging role of a mentally unstable rapist.  He also appears in Stan Harrington’s film Lost Angels, which features Canadian Idol star Oliver Pigott.  He also had a major role in the popular French TV production “Les Edelweiss” which received more than ten million viewers, and was voted as one of the most popular French productions of the year. In Les Edelweiss, Souheil worked opposite iconic French actresses Claire Keim and Marie-Anne Chazel.  He is also seen in “Hunting Games” which is a comedic spoof on the popular “Hunger Games” movie and book series.  In addition to his work on the big and small screens, Souheil has also landed some impressive stage roles, such as the lead role of the narrator in Oscar and Emmy winner Milton Justice’s stage production of the classic “Middletown”. Souheil cites his work with Milton Justice as “an honor” and a “high point” in his career.  Of late, Souheil has booked a feature called “Our House” where he will play the leading role of Kenny, as well as the feature “City Limit”, both for Revolve Media and Production.

Swell laughs about his role on the popular Swiss reality show “The 5 Tourists” (les 5 Touristes), which aired in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. Though it was a “reality show”, each “contestant” was required to create a character for the competition. Souheil’s character was a millionaire businessman who won the competition by hosting the other contestants to a cruise on his yacht off the Portuguese coast.  This was Souheil’s first performance to an international audience.

Besides acting, Swell loves sports and runs marathons whenever he can. He is also and avid nature lover and takes every possible opportunity to go horseback riding and kayaking. He was part of a special event for the Red Cross, which raised much needed funds to improve drinking water in South Asia, and if he’s feeling like laying low, you may find him reading a book by his favorite author Paulo Coelho.

London’s brightest star- Danielle McCormack

Danielle McCormack in Cafe' De Paris

Danielle McCormack in Cafe’ De Paris

Danielle McCormack is one of the most talented actresses in showbiz today. Although, she has already created flutter with her performances, critics feel that her best is yet to come. At the tender age of eleven, Danielle was awarded a scholarship by The Stage newspaper, which gave her a chance to attend the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School in London. Danielle grabbed the opportunity with both hands, as the school is famous for its training of some of the most talented performers in theatre and film today and this placement gave her the chance to work with Academy Award winning director Sam Mendes on his triumphant revival of Lionel Bart’s musical ‘OLIVER!’ at the London Palladium. Quite staggering, but true.

Danielle has had many great roles during her career but is best known for playing ‘Mel’ on the hit UK television show ‘My Parents are Aliens’ which ran for 8 seasons. Some of her other television work includes ‘Doctors’, ‘Nearly Famous’, ‘The Project’, ‘Casualty’, ‘Daylight Robbery’, ‘Shockers’, ‘Where the Heart Is’ and ‘Pure Wickedness’. Her roles on these shows were highly praised by critics as well as audiences. She has a strong magnetic quality that attracts the viewers.

Apart from her television work, she has been involved in many theatrical shows too. Some of her major stage works include ‘OLIVER!’,‘Whistle Down the Wind’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘An Evening of Burlesque’ – but her journey does not end here.She can also be seen on the big screen in the gritty ‘Ashes and Sand’,‘Return to the Secret Garden’ and ‘Something for the Weekend’. Her performances in all these plays and movies have been nothing short of brilliant.

Apart from being a versatile actress, this blue-eyed lass is also known for her skills as a vocalist. She has produced two solo albums and will be performing at the legendary Glastonbury festival in England this July. She also won a UK talent search run by EMI music and had an opportunity of recording at the state-of-the-art Abbey Road Studios with Kylie Minogue. With all this under her belt, this lady is here for the long haul.

The striking and talented Corinne Davies

Corinne Davies on stage

Corinne Davies on stage

Corinne Davies was born and raised in Australia to a family with a very good background. She was always fond of singing and acting and would always take part in singing competitions including many skits at school. Corinne was a talented little girl and her interests were greatly acknowledged by her parents who were highly understanding as well as supportive in every regard. As she led a very isolated childhood, Corinne would usually make up stories and play all the characters she wanted because this was the only way that she was used to entertaining herself. At the age of 9, she started  singing lessons with the music director of the local Gilbert and Sullivan society. She proved to be a great helping hand in nurturing her talent and was the best music teacher ever.

After completing her basic education, Corinne Davies went for community theatre and spent two years in an Arts theatre degree from Queensland, Australia. After completing her degree she was accepted in the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney  where she completed a full three year acting program. During the time when she studied at NIDA, Corinne appeared in various plays such as Summer Shadows, The Return, Romeo and Juliet, All in the timing and many more.

During her acting career, Corinne was inspired by many ravishing actresses such as Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep and even Jennifer Aniston but her greatest inspiration has always been her grandmother. Corinne’s grandmother was an amazing performer and that is who she marks to be her first inspiration. She is very fond of playing Irish characters because they always turned out to be a blast and a boost for her acting career.

Corrine looks forward to working with many co- stars in the future, incuding  Meryl Streep. She was successful in establishing her career as an amazing actress and we wish her all the best in life!