Setting international stages on fire, actress Erica Muscat

World class act, Erica Muscat

World class act, Erica Muscat

With a plethora of stage and screen performances under her belt in both her native country, Malta, and on the international stage, Erica Muscat (Meanderings, Road’s End, Ten Notes) is quickly warming audiences’ hearts everywhere.  This July, she is set to grace the stage at The Maltese Presidential Gardens with her interpretation of Juliet in a National run of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, whilst on screen, her latest work as Erika in Kenneth Scicluna’s Eleġija will be continuing on the Festival Circuit, where it last showed at the European Film Festival in Malta.

In Eleġija, inspired by the work of acclaimed Maltese Poet Doreen Micallef, Erica plays one of two female lovers, whose love for each other transcends the pain they inflict upon one another.  It’s a role she treasures. “It was challenging.  These women are not good for each other, and they’re quick to inflict pain on each other.  The film is inspired by Ms Micallef’s poetic works and this makes it somewhat biographical… poets like Ms Micallef are insanely courageous when they offer up their work to the world; they’re not hiding behind a character.  Her free verse-style is a direct link to her innermost thoughts and I wanted to honour that courage whilst still ensuring that the pain inflicted by the characters was true to the final interpretation of the film’s script.”

It was a pleasant surprise then, for Erica, when people admitted to feeling a huge empathy for her character, a credit to her ability as an actor and the vulnerability she imbues her characters with.  Everything about the young actress screams her belief that the role of the actor is to inspire Belief in those around them; the ‘”magic”, as she calls it, is only as powerful as the story being shared and being human is the greatest piece of magic that can be shared. Her chosen co-star would be “anybody who’s willing to challenge the limitations of social norms… and it can be as simple as not flinching when somebody makes eye contact; that moment between two actors, that spark… that’s magic; it’s placing your entire trust in another human being.”

It’s 10 years since Erica committed herself fully to becoming an actress and her passion is just as strong.  She explains this when she admits that, “in everything you say, in everything you do, a new story is being written.  And as long as I’m able to and people are willing to see it, I feel privileged to be the one telling that story.”  With her unique blend of charisma and magic Erica is surely bound to continue winning the hearts of audiences in whatever story she finds herself sharing.

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