Producer Svetlana Samarina working on exciting new film projects in Hollywood

Producer Svetlana Samarina

Producer Svetlana Samarina

Graduate of The New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California, Svetlana Samarina is one of the most incredible producers to grace the 2015 film world. In addition to the aforementioned education, Svetlana has attended The College of Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Russian State Liberal University where she earned a translator degree and bachelor’s degree respectively. Her first project was “The Planet of Orthodoxy” in 2007 as a Production Manager which she worked on while simultaneously acting as Unit Manager for “Pop”, which was directed by Vladimir Khotinenko. Using these as professional leverage, Svetlana was able to secure the position of Production Manager for the Biggest Historical Feature to date: “Horde” by Andrey Proshkin, an endeavour which lasted three years and won numerous awards in 2012, Including but not limited to: Best Director and Best Actress by The Moscow International Film Festival, the Russian National Awards: The Golden Eagle, and The Nika. With this experience under her belt, Ms. Samarina was able to work on the set of “The Darkest Hour” which was produced by Summit Entertainment and Bazelevs as a unit manager.

Following these spectacular productions Svetlana began her previously mentioned study in one of the United States’ most prestigious film schools before returning to Russia to work for the country’s biggest film-production company: Bazelevs. In 2014 NBC Olympics scouted Svetlana to work on the Winter Games in Sochi as supervisor for the Russian shooting and organization of reports and interviews. She is currently working in Los Angeles to produce independent feature projects and wow the West Coast with her unique abilities.

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