“My life in Venice Beach” Actress Franziska Huber

Franziska Huber

Franziska Huber

Franziska Huber, an actress from the South of Germany, is not the standard Hollywood type. She’s beyond that and is a breath of fresh air. Her talent in acting comes from her practicing since she was 5 years old. Franziska started off playing the role of a young child in her local church’s nativity play alongside her sister. She was extremely passionate about acting since then and wanted so much to perform more and more. Throughout her high school and college career, Franziska took drama and acting classes. She also worked with private coaches in Germany and the UK, to receive extensive training. She also attended The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City, for a total of two years. Franziska has an international advantage, performing abroad in many places in various plays, musicals, and films. She also performed on stage in NYC in various lead roles e.g. as The Mother in Saviana Stanescu’s “Waxing West”, as Odysseus in Dina Keller’s “Which Direction Home?” and Olga Alagic in Tea Alagic’s war drama “Zero Hour.”

Franziska’s latest film appearances were in Europe in the feature film “The Devil’s Violinist” directed by Bernard Rose starring world famous violinist David Garret and German star Veronica Ferres, and in the US in the feature film “Private Number” directed by LazRael Lison starring Tom Sizemore. She also was one of the lead actors in the TV movie called “Venice Beach”. It later on became a series under the title “My life in Venice Beach”, which was broadcast via the biggest European TV network RTL. Franziska’s scene partner was celebrity Brian McCoughlin who is a series regular on “Days of our Lives”. Franziska also accomplished something huge, she wrote and self-produced a one woman show called “The Royal Weight Watcher! Sarah Ferguson: A Duchess Hungry for Love!”. Franziska’s one woman show was part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival 2011 and was nominated for the “Best Production of a Solo Show” Award. Her one woman show was one of the biggest accomplishments in her budding acting career. Franziska truly has the talent to become huger than ever and these days there’s a lack of talent of her caliber within Hollywood. She continues to strive to become better and you can truly see that in her positive attitude and amazing work ethic.

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