Hard working and dedicated performer Luke King

The talented Luke King

The talented Luke King

Some people have such talent and commitment towards their profession that it is easily reflected in their work and appreciated by one and all. One such successful and immensely dedicated performer is British actor Luke King who has given outstanding performances in the various fields of entertainment. His brilliant performances are seen in his theatre credits like “Are You Positive”, “The Gas”, “London Tour”, “Ghetto”, “Blink of An Eye”, “Bloody Taunton”, “Lysistrata”, George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and 1984 adopted by Nick Lane. It is worth mentioning that the director of “George Orwell’s ‘1984’ Benn Cody was impressed by the way Luke was committed and was professional during the rehearsals as well as the production. Luke was recipient of John Miekle Award when the run of the play was finished.

For Luke, his personal favorite role is that of Risk in “Face Up”. Besides this he has also featured in the music video for Luke Potter’s “We’re alive”, the films “Family Meeting” and Ahmet Bilkan’s The Ring”, short films “Guilt’, “Happily Never After” and “Status Update”. The most admirable aspect about Luke are his qualities for hardworking and dedication and though he aspired to get into football, today he has carved himself a place in the world of entertainment through his incredible performances.

He is a Graduate of Bath Spa University BA Hons in Performing Arts and has received extensive training in various subfields of the entertainment industry. This surely shows the level of passion this young star has. His upcoming projects include “Face Up”, Kiss FM commercial and also he is directing a short film. Inspired by legends like Noel Clark and Chiwetel Ejiofor, Luke wants to perform as long as he is able to across the various mediums of entertainment. He wants to continue studying, learning as well as honing his craft and his future plan is to work in America. This young star is a believer of giving back ot society and wishes to open acting school in his local area of Wembley. For aspiring performers he gives advice to be surrounded with positive people and not to take rejection personally.




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