A class act- International actor Richard Stables

Richard Stables

Richard Stables

Richard Stables is an Australian/British actor. Richard says he knew he wanted to be an actor since he was 11 years old but never really got around to doing it until the age of 19. He saw an English actor named Danny Webb play Hamlet in an English Touring Company production of ‘Hamlet’ in Perth where he grew up, and he says he felt he had to just jump in and do it.

Richard first trained at the KAFF theatre in Perth with Will McKaskill when he was 20. He then trained at drama school in London; the ‘Arts Educational Schools London’ for 3 years. He says some of his biggest inspirations include Brando, De Niro, Pacino, Duvall, Gena Rowlands, Ellen Burstyn; the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s method guys. Others include Laurence Oliver, Gary Oldman, Daniel Day Lewis, Ralph Fiennes, Judi
Dench and Anthony Hopkins.

Gena Rowlands would be his ideal co-star saying that despite her age, it would be an absolute honor to work with her. “I’ve been a huge fan, and of course her husband too. The late great John Cassavettes.” “ I would love to work with her because she always transforms into these crazy, strong yet tender characters.” “When she performs, she does what all great actors do, she throws it all away, trusts that its within her and around her, connects to her partner, her circumstance and plays an action; living truthfully and fully in the moment. It’s very sexy.”

‘The Power of Darkness’ has been his favorite role to play so far. He says he is working on a second feature film with Greg Blakey. In future he would like to move to LA; be bicoastal (between LA and New York), continue training with the ‘greats’, and keep making films and theatre with talented artists.

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