Ready for Stardom- Phoebe Plasto

Aussie beauty Phoebe Plasto

Aussie beauty Phoebe Plasto

Phoebe Plasto is the latest new talent emerging from Australia to the worldwide acting scene. She has been described as a combination of Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Lawrence, with a sophisticated but goofy and jokester manner; the only time she’s ever serious is when she’s in front of the camera. She is a down to earth Aussie girl ready for the bright lights of LA.

Plasto was born and raised in Sydney, where she discovered her love for acting at a young age. Growing up in an artistic family, Phoebe was able to flourish her artistic expression in an open environment. She started classical ballet when she was 2 years old, which triggered her urge to perform and be on stage.

While at school, she was involved in every aspect of performing arts, from singing, dancing and acting in her school musicals, acting in plays and singing and dancing in the performing arts nights, Phoebe didn’t miss an opportunity to be on stage. She took time out from school to study at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts and after graduating high school, it was no surprise that she was accepted into the prestigious New York Film Academy where she vigorously studied acting and was trained by several of the best acting coaches in the world.

When returning to Australia after studying in New York, Phoebe got straight into the theatre scene, putting her hard studies to good use. Adding credit after credit to her resume, Phoebe went on to earn herself a best actress nomination for her role in the risky Aboriginal indie drama, “Leave it at That”. Wanting to broaden her range, Phoebe went on and tried her hand in Verbatim theatre, acting in the critically acclaimed ‘Run Rabbit Run’, a play based on the history of the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Dabbling in the world of modeling, Phoebe can be seen in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Ruush, Oyster and Girlfriend magazines, as well as modeling for brands such as Status Anxiety, Perspective and Grey Ghost Apparel Australia and many other brands. She also graced the cover of Sydney Newspaper ‘City Hub’, praising her for her bold performance in play ‘Blue Rock’.

Phoebe has been expanding her artistic talent in Australia and aboard, acting in several indie and art house films, a television series and a vast array of plays. She has also starred in music videos such as ‘Erotica’ by Giorgio Ciccone, a classic 80’s hit originally written and performed by his cousin Madonna, as well as Australian Indie Rock Band ‘Sea Legs’ for their hit song ‘Al Pacino’.

She was notably successful in her collaborations with awarded playwright and director Lisa Eismen, who has continually cast Plasto in leading roles. After collaborating on many projects, Plasto and Eismen are teaming up once again to work on another film together, which will go into production later this year.

Once filming is complete, Phoebe will be on the first flight out to Los Angeles where in her up and coming projects, she will be establishing herself as one of the must-see current talents of Australia. Watch this space…


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