Tom Conlan Talks About His New Role in ‘My Son And The Hole Punch’

Tom Conlan Stars In 'My Son And The Hole Punch'

Tom Conlan Stars In ‘My Son And The Hole Punch’

Tom Conlan is athletic, but not one of those muscle bound leading men that you see often in Hollywood that are so overly physically impressive. He is not even staggeringly handsome in photographs. Not in a Brad Pitt, George Clooney kind of way. On paper therefore, he seems relatively unremarkable. Unremarkable however, until he opens the door. He is one of an incredibly rare breed that you feel has that innate ability to walk into a room and get everybody looking at him almost instantly. I would normally put it down to star quality, he is very likeable and extremely charming and it doesn’t take long to realize why people are starting to talk about him. He is here to answer questions about his new film ‘My Son & The Hole Punch’.

Tom, what attracted you to the project?

There were many aspects of the project that I liked. The character of Michael first of all, was incredibly intriguing. But I was very keen to work with Giles Alderson (The Director). We had a long discussion about the film just after the first draft of the script had been finished and he sold me on his vision almost instantly. I originally thought he was asking me to audition but luckily he offered me the part then and there.

Was that the first time you had met him?

I actually met Giles on a short film that we shot a couple of years ago with Jerry Springer. Since then, a lot of people have said good things to me about his work and I knew that he had just won an award for one of his recent shorts. When he sent me over the script for Hole Punch I was interested to hear his ideas.

You said that the character of Michael was intriguing. What was it specifically that you were interested in?

His complexity. He is deeply flawed and the challenge was to make him likeable, make people sympathise with him. He has his demons and it was interesting exploring those but it is important that people understand why he is the way he is. It was a great challenge.

Do you see yourself doing similar roles in the future?

I am incredibly drawn to what I would call the ‘anti hero’. Guys who are far from perfect but carry a certain appeal. Having said that, I would certainly never want to restrict myself as an actor. There are so many wonderful parts out there and there is so much variation.

Finally, what are your plans for the future? What are we going to see you in next?

I start work on a new movie on Friday actually that I am very excited about. It is a fantasy drama set just after World War 2 and we are filming in Scotland, France and on the South Coast of England so there is a fair amount of traveling involved. Fingers crossed it goes well!






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