Dancer To The Stars- Australia’s, Andrew De Luna

Setting World Stages On Fire, Dancer Andrew De Luna

Setting World Stages On Fire, Dancer Andrew De Luna

There are few individuals who learn to dance through others but for others, dancing is a born art, a divine matriculation, which brings such individuals close to the world and more importantly closer to themselves. Andrew De Luna is one such name, who was born under the stars of a world class dancer.  As they say “Age is mere a number” and so was proved by the five year old Andrew De Luna, who took up dancing at such a callous and raw age.

“We run the night” was the first musical breakthrough that brought this good looking humble Aussie into the spotlight. Superstar DJ Havana Brown’s music video “We run the night”, choreographed by Marko Panzic was a sensational one and succeeded in underlining Andrew into the eyes of the world. Since then, there has been no looking back, from sitcoms to movies, theater to music videos, this handsome hunk is everywhere to be seen. His dancing features in such music videos including “Mine” by Beyoncé choreographed by Anthony Burrel , “Come & Get In Trouble With Me” by Rikki Lee choreographed by Marko Panzic , “Fireman” by Paulini, choreographed by  Wil Sabin , and “Naughty” by Elen Levon, also choreographed by  Marko Panzic.

Andrew  started his career in ballet, jazz and tap dancing but later on, he learned all dance forms, including modern,  contemporary and hip-hop. He counts one of his future goals to be working with Jennifer Lopez, with whom he  appreciates for the presence of her rhythm and the life and soul in her music and performances.

Andrew De Luna has a very impressive story of his own so therefore, his words are of  great importance to the aspiring new generation, who look up to dancers like him. He believes in persistence and humility, because it is not always easy to find work in an industry as competitive as this, but only hard work and persistence will take you to such heights, says De Luna.

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