A Star Is Born- Ayesha Fraser

Australia's Own Ayesha Fraser

Australia’s Own Ayesha Fraser

Ayesha Fraser grew up in Newcastle, Australia and spent her childhood dwelling on the beaches. Ayesha first communicated herself by dance at the juvenile age of 4 and then subsequently made the switch to rhythmic gymnastics when she was 10 and became the sort after actress that she is now.

Ayesha has been very is inspired by Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts, and the alternatives they have made over their careers are both brilliant. During her childhood, she had the shy feeling and faced difficulty in expressing herself, she then decided that promenading is an art through which she can articulate her sentiments which lead her now to the path of a well recognized actress.

Currently, she is in preparation to start on the action film, Thunder Cats and the web series turned feature film, Trail Mix . Apart from this Ayesha’s episode of Shake it Up is broadcasting in its final season on the Disney Channel and you can check out more of her success in the Lifetime Movie, Jodie Arias: Dirty Little Secret.

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