World Famous Makeup Artist- Francoise Saint- Pierre

Makeup Artist- Francoise Saint-Pierre

Makeup Artist- Francoise Saint-Pierre

There are very few people that could stumble into such a creative and competitive industry like makeup artistry, and be so fabulous at it – but that is something that Francoise Saint Pierre has managed to do. Despite starting off her career as an auditor in Canada, she is now one of the most famous and successful makeup artists in the world, and works for the brilliant company Lise Watier.

Drawing influences from the makeup themes of the 1960s, and the incredible looks of 1990s models such as Karen Mulder, Francoise Saint Pierre has perfected the art of makeup through her prodigious skill and drive to continuously improve. After taking hints and tips from various beauty salons when she was growing up, it was not until she took classes as an adult that her true talent was revealed.

Francoise Saint Pierre has done some incredible things. Just recently she has completed a campaign with Faithful with the Australian model Camille Piazza, and she has written beauty editorials with Katie Nolan. You will soon be able to see her artistic talent in a different medium: a short film Leave Me Not, in which Francoise Saint Pierre worked on, will soon be released.

But despite having ticked so much off her list, there are still many things that Francoise Saint Pierre still wants to do as part of her career. She would love to do an editorial for Vogue with a celebrity – although she hasn’t said who – and it would probably make her day to work alongside some of her favorite makeup artists, Tom Pécheux, Serge Lutens, Anthony Gordon and Rae Morris. She is sure to accomplish these goals if she continues to astound people with the high standards and quality of work that Francoise Saint Pierre has become known for.


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