From Ice Hockey player to Filmmaker!

Filmmaker Jennifer Matichuk

Filmmaker Jennifer Matichuk

It is often quite obvious how a person becomes  an actor or an actress. They had to go at school, found out that they were rather good at it, and decided to go to acting school. They were spotted, and the Hollywood blockbusters just keep on coming. On the other hand, it is often quite difficult for people outside of the industry to understand how someone can become a film maker. Rarely do children have the opportunity to try out their filming skills when under the age of ten years old, as actors do, and film making requires a high level of technical prowess that many teenagers either do not have, or do not have access to. So it is even more impressive when you hear that the talented Jen Matichuk, a film maker in Los Angeles, never intended to study film making at college, but instead started out life as a very good ice hockey player.

Jen was noticed at school to be an incredible ice hockey player, and she went to Yale on a scholarship. However, despite being committed to 35 hours a week on the ice, in her second year she discovered a love of a completely different medium: that of film. It wasn’t long before many of her class choices were film related, and Jen really began to excel. Drawing the notice of her Professors didn’t take long, and she was taken under the careful wings of film greats such as Marc Lapadula, J. D. Conner, Ron Gregg, and Michael Roemer.

Jen’s career within the film making industry is only just beginning, but she already has her sights set on collaborating with female comedians for highly intuitive and improvised films. But until then, she is content in creating and working for Rhett & Link, a production company that centers itself on original YouTube content.

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