Profile: Actor Allan Liang


Australia's Allan Liang

Australia’s Allan Liang

There are some people who are very sure what they want to do right from their childhood. One such example is Australian actor Allan Liang who developed an interest in acting since the tender age of nine. He is best known for his roles in the feature film ‘Suppose the Night Tasted Like Sugar’, ‘Gangs of Oz’ and the television series ‘Deadly Women’.

It was at Summer Hill Performing Arts Primary School in Australia, where Liang developed an interest in acting. That is what started it all and from there, the rest is history. As far as the groundwork in acting is concerned, he attended  AIPA -Australian Institute for Performing Arts, studied at The Marjorie Ballentine Studio with industry veteran Marjorie Ballentine herself, NIDA- National Institute of Dramatic Art and currently studies with famed Australian actor Andy McPhee. This artist strongly believes in what he wants and putting in the hard work while considering James Dean, Jack Nicholson, River Phoenix, Heath Ledger, Robert De Niro and Sean Penn as his inspirations. He is also inspired by the works of directors like Ang Lee, Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese.

As far as his work goes aside from those mentioned above, he has appeared as a lead role in the short films including ‘Family Tree’, ‘A Bouquet of Flowers’, ‘The Dream Seeker’, ‘I’m Coming Home’, ‘Signs’ (also playing a lead role), ‘The Fantastic Ones’, ‘OCD’ and ‘The Humanitarian’(where he played a supporting role). Liang has also appeared in a national commercial for the NSW-Government Nurses in (2013) in Australia.

Liang has worked with several directors like Martin Ponferrada, Markus Wills, Nick Dusters, Steven Bragg, and Osco Cho to name a few. This talented artist’s upcoming projects include a film produced by Reel Kind Productions which involves Louis Hunter and Sharath Ravishanka. Allan’s character in ‘Family Tree’ is considered his favorite role thus far, where he played the role of a rebellious teenage boy who was not happy with the expectations of his mother.

This talented artist aspires to work with Meryl Steep or Robert De Niro and though presently he is focused on film and television, is speaking to a few music labels in Asia and would also like to get into  production.


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