Demi Mann to star in “Astral Princess” and “Emergency LA”

The beautiful Demi Mann

The beautiful Demi Mann

When an actress has raw talent beyond her acting skills and a certain presence she exudes when she’s in character, then you know a star is present. Demi Mann is an established actress and a natural born star. She’s from London, England and had been performing since she could walk. She loved acting so much and only felt content when on stage, performing in school plays and at home for her family. She loved to be in the spotlight, showcase her talent, and express herself through her craft. Demi enjoyed watching movies and going to the Cinema as a child. She studies actors and tried to mimic what she saw. Demi’s many inspirations were Michelle Pfeiffer, Sigourney Weaver, and Steven Spielberg. In more recent years, Demi loves Meryl Streep, Joaquin Phoenix, and Penelope Cruz. Demi trained at prestigious schools and with well renowned teachers and coaches. She attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts during the summer. Demi learned the Uta Hagen, Stanislavski, and Meisner methods. She also attended The John Roan Secondary School in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, specialising in drama and performing arts. Demi also had the pleasure of working alongside Ken Lerner for scene studies. Demi had taken all of her extensive training and used it to showcase her very obvious acting talent. She starred in films, TV commercials, and various plays. Demi will be starring in a Major TV show called Emergency LA, where she plays the lead role of Helen Dorsey and a Feature Film Astral Princess also playing the lead role. Demi has many projects and roles to play coming up for her this year. 2015 is going to be a very busy year for Demi and will be the chance for her to open more doors and impress more people with her acting skills.

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