The extraordinary talent and drive of actor Aditya Lohia

Nepal's Aditya Lohia

Nepal’s Aditya Lohia

Few people maneuver the acting industry successfully. One of them is Aditya Lohia, a Nepali born actor who lives and resides in Los Angeles. Aditya is successful, having played several short films and plays and worked with some of Hollywood’s greatest names.

He has worked with Samantha Kelly in the movie Greed and Laura Proenza in Angie’s Late Again. He also starred in A Lonely Journey and Food for Friends with the International Academy of Film and TV. In theatre, he has worked with Nathan Zebedo in Curious Savage, Mike Grenham in Escape from Happiness among others.

Aditya Lohia is passionate about art and performance. As a young child, he would mimic visitors to entertain his family. However, as he grew up, he picked interest in playing cricket and although he thought he would pursue the game, his childhood passion for acting came back.

It came back after attending a summer workshop in the Philippines and ever since, he has never turned back. Afterwards, he joined the International Academy of Film and TV for a five-month workshop which helped grow his acting skills. Aditya’s acting skills were perfected during a two-year conservatory at the prestigious Stella Adler Studio of Acting, which surprisingly, is the alma mater of Robert Deniro, whom Aditya looks up to and hopes to costar with in future.

Apart from Robert Deniro, Aditya derives inspiration from Leonardo Dicaprio, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese. Currently, his fans should expect to see more of him in films and TV shows, an interest he has recently picked up. He is supposed to play the lead in a couple of upcoming films and also an interesting character in an unnamed web series. A TV show where Aditya features is already in the works. As he continues to brush shoulders with the industry’s giants in LA, we will see more of Aditya.

As an individual, Aditya Lohia lives by the principle of hard work and patience. He can express himself fluently in Nepalese, Hindi and American English with a standard American accent. Apart from acting, Aditya enjoys soccer, playing guitar, swimming, field hockey, cricket and karate.

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