Britain’s talented and humble Morgan James

Britain's Morgan James

Britain’s Morgan James

Morgan James is a British actor and singer. Mostly, but not only. It’s hard to easily label and sum up all the gifts and efforts this notably British talent has been performing during the last 20 years, specially in the UK, where he is a regular face on many BBC productions as well as often seen in plays on the theaters of London, including classic and modern writings. Music, cinema, television broadcasting and even theater practitioner are some of Morgan many occupations as an avid and prolific man of arts.

The Beginning

Born in Swansea, in the UK, James was raised by his family in the small town of Aberdare, Wales, where he got interested in acting very early, doing plays on the town’s company of drama. His debut for real for the acting career happened when BBC was shooting an adaptation of The Citadel in the town and he was casted for several scenes. James was only 9 years old.

Later he would work again with BBC on the production “The District Nurse” and also started a professional career on theater when he was a teenager, doing plays with several companies around the South Wales valleys.

He moved to London during the early ’90s to study drama at the Brunel University and right after started to be part of the theater scene in the city. James would then spend a lot of time acting on plays but also pursuing other dreams on music, TV and cinema.

Working on BBC

His relationship with the giant BBC would only get stronger through the years when he settled his career in London. James can be seen in several productions made for television, as the documentary Aberfan: The Untold Story, the telefilm Wanted and specially in 2011 in the hit fantasy show Being Human. His experience with TV would give him another achievement as he committed with BBC to be the continuity voice and writer of the WATCH channel, with live broadcastings, task he still perform nowadays.

Music and Cinema

An avid fan of musicians like Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Karen Carpenter among other iconic talents, Morgan loves to perform as a singer as much as an actor. He has been singing in several shows and concerts, as well as musicals like Flush, performed in Edinburgh and London. He would even tour around the world with the World Tour of Riverdance. During the ’00s, James would also start a career on cinema, picking special independent projects, like the acclaimed animation The Ghost of Sam Peckinpah, and the contemporary fantasy/horror anthology The Red Zone. Recently, he has been coming and going from LA where he is also foreseeing a new and interesting way to expand art from the magic of stage to ordinary life as a theater practitioner, which includes theater techniques in corporate activities, expanding the creative capacity of each one and bringing out the actor we all have inside. And he surely has dozens of different actors for different art tasks inside his soul, all flourishing as he advance strong in his career.


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