Hollywood is watching Andrew Guy

The amazing talent of Andrew Guy

The amazing talent of Andrew Guy

When it comes to success, there are very few individuals who know how to use it for the benefit of humanity. There is one actor who is not only highly successful and passionate about their work but also quite aware of the social issues too. We are talking about the super successful Australian actor Andrew Guy. For someone like him who has established himself in the industry it is extremely encouraging to see his philanthropic vision.

The training which he has received is quite remarkable as it comprises of the Susan Batson Studios NYC, The SITI Theatre Company NYC, The Larry Moss Studios LA, the Actors Centre Australia, and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Technology, Sydney. For Andrew acting is not mere profession, but he finds it as a medium to connect, inspire as well as a living and breathing example of a human. In his school days, he gained exposure to drama and since then has never looked back. What is striking is that he is a thorough learner and this is evident from his efforts to learn the creative elements, learning lighting and so on to get in depth with the world of theatre.

It is no wonder, that this well-known actor is highly inspired by Michael J Fox and Angelina Jolie who are also humanitarians. He is also inspired by Eric Bogosian as he admires his versatility. Andrew has also taken insights from Michelle Danner, Marishka Phillips and Susan Batson. His personal favorite role is in the upcoming film by Pearl Tan who also happens to be his friend and the film has deeper humanitarian theme as well as a message.

His theatre credits cover Suburbia, Blackdog, Missing Pieces, Blackrock, and Prelude to a Vigil. He will appear in the role of John, which is an independent feature ‘Cheer up the World Ends Tomorrow’, Andy. Prior to this,attained a role in the NIDA and AFTRS joint venture feature film ‘Before the Rain’ and an AFTRS short film ‘The Bridge’.  He has also appeared in short films ’Forgiven’, ‘The Shaft’ and ‘Unsure’. His works involve documentaries and promotional films encompassing the Vigil Independent Theatre Documentary; the Goget Promotional DVD; ‘Making a Difference’ The Journey Promotional DVD; and the Vanessa Amorosi video clip ‘Spin’.

This talented and accomplished actor will be seen in the lead role of Carl which is in the Baltimore Waltz by Paula Vogel (Sydney) along with the solo show which is in creation with the director Tanya Taylor Rubenstein in Santa Fe, New Mexico and it is called “Andrew from Oz” in which the character is created by Andrew himself. This brilliant star is such a strong believer in humanity that he intends to spread this through his various roles. It is worth mentioning that his recent work has increased awareness of self-healing, domestic violence and depression.  For the new performers, this accomplished actor advises to keep taking continuous efforts in bettering your craft.







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