Powerhouse Actor from France Jerome Charvet

Jerome Charvet

Jerome Charvet

Perceived as director’s dream actor who takes directions well, Jérôme Charvet is rapidly making his way to the top.

This handsome man was born in Paris, France, where he spent all his childhood.  His family background is quite diverse as his grandfather, Raymond Carré, is a Three Star General in the medical department of the French Army and designed the training for the first French astronauts while his father, Christian Charvet, is a renowned sculptor. For Jérôme, work means passion and this is why he took up acting.

This brilliant actor was introduced to the world of performance in his teens when he started doing Shakespeare monologues with the encouragement of his teachers. He then joined his school’s theatre company and took part in every school play.

For each and every one of them, he received a lot of appreciation — carving out an encouraging path for this man that eventually led to the fulfillment of his dreams.

After studying at the most famous French acting school Cours Florent, he moved to New York at the age of 19. There he trained at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute with various legends of the entertainment industry like Paul Calderon and Irma Sandrey, two members of the Actors Studio. He then auditioned and got accepted into the famous Stella Adler Studio of Acting where he further polished his skills with the renowned teacher Ron Burrus, former assistant of Stella Adler.

Jérôme gave his first onstage performances at the Repertory Theatre and the Roy Arias Theatre where his work was greatly acknowledged and loved by the public.

He seized every opportunity he could meet and starred as the lead in many short movies screened in film festivals all around the world. We remember him as the shy and troubled young man in Sand, directed by Sophie Sherman and were touched by his portrayal of a hopeful dreamer in Teresa, directed by Menguc Tanriseven. He is also remembered for his subtle portrayal of inner violence in La Vie de Rêve by David Tamayo.

After acting in the independent movie Falling Overnight written by Parker Croft, he caught the eye of a casting director in Paris and was offered a part in Amour et turbulences, a French feature film which was released in movie theaters in 2013.

He was so convincing in his character that it brought him great notoriety among his peers and audiences have loved him ever since.

That year, he also had a strong impact when he agreed in participating in Follow Me, a campaign for the famous French clothes brand Maje. His mysterious masculine voice intrigued the fans and deeply contributed to the image of the brand.

His role in the international TV series Jo in which he played alongside Leon the Professional superstar Jean Reno established him as a promising actor. Always faithful to his meticulous character preparation, he stayed for days in a restaurant’s kitchen to observe how a cook works. It paid off as his performance was incredibly believable and left a great impact in the show. On the set, Sheree Folkson, the director, called him “a natural”.

We are not surprised he recently made his way into United Passions starring such stars as Tim Roth and Gérard Depardieu, the most famous French actor who was recently seen portraying former IMF leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Jérôme Charvet’s on-screen presence is magnetic, his fans await his next role, and Hollywood is already watching his every move.


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