Gwen Albers To Be In The New Feature Film “Overexposed”

The beautiful, Gwen Albers

The beautiful, Gwen Albers

Gwen Albers is a successful and talented actress from Holland. She is best known for her performances in the films “Before I Awake”, “Love Consequences”, “The Fallen”, “Clair de Lune”, “Grey Mouse”, and “Period”. She draws inspiration from the works of directors Fabienne Berthaud and Sam Mendes. She is highly dedicated towards her work and aspires to work with different directors and to take on new as well as challenging projects.

What is brilliant about this actress is that as a child, she always wanted to become a ballet dancer but today she is an accomplished actress. Her work simply shows her passion for acting. Gwen practically grew up on stage. She was selected to join the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam when she was just nine years old. After training for nine years she was offered a contract with The Dutch National Ballet which is one of the most well-known and prestigious ballet companies in the world. Her dancing career was spread across places like Paris, Barcelona, Madrid along with Holland.

For seven years she danced in all major classical ballet pieces but slowly her interest led to other passions and she started to think beyond the world of ballet and dance.

Her interest for acting grew, as she discovered what it was like behind the scenes in films as her sister was working as an art director and set designer. She decided to switch her career to acting by putting dancing on hold. She began her acting career by working in commercials. Her passion and dedication towards acting took her to Los Angeles where she went to the Ivana Chubbuck studios which is famous in Hollywood for Method Acting. Her training also covers names like Theater School Amsterdam, Holland and Full Time Conservatory Stella Adler studio of Acting in New York.

Her television works include “Stay” and “Accused”. In theatre she has worked in “Beyond Therapy”, “The Office of Dead Letters”, “The Factory Girls” and “Eric Gills Work”. Her role of a seventy year old Irish woman (Una) in “The Factory Girls” is her personal favorite role. Gwen has just wrapped up shooting for a short film by Elena Dalmasso which is shot in Italy and in November she will be shooting the feature film “Overexposed” by Juan David Castilla, where she plays the lead role of (Joan) a woman who has been attacked and puts forward her best efforts to come out of this dreadful ordeal. She can also be seen in the film “We had Plans” which is in production.

Gwen’s ideal co-stars are Juliette Binoche and Kate Winslet. As for aspiring performers this beautiful and successful actress advises them to have qualities like dedication, self-belief and endurance. Gwen Albers is proof, how hard work and dedication really pays off!


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