Deniz Olgac Career Profile

The beautiful and talented Deniz Olgac

The beautiful and talented Deniz Olgac

Deniz Olgac rose to fame when she had the opportunity to earn her place in the Turkish Film Industry.  Impressing a lot of people with her roles on stage and television, her performances have garnered her a secure place in the film industry.  She began to receive offers from famous Turkish filmmakers and finally got her first big break in the movie “No Offside” in 2009.  She was offered the lead in the film and given an endearingly comedic role to play.  After making fantastic debut with her performance, this attracted many other filmmakers who realized Deniz’s talent and wanted to cast her in their films, respectively.

It didn’t take long for Deniz to be cast by Hasan Karacadag – a master horror film director.  The famous filmmaker gave her a role in his next movie entitled “Dabbe 2”.  Her acting was brilliant and the film went on to become a huge hit among audiences.  The actress had proved her versatility in a different role this time around.  The film eventually went on to become the highest grossing film ever in the category of horror films in Turkey.

Another one of Deniz’s stand out performances was in the film “Ortak”,  released in the year 2010, a thriller mixed with drama.  Olgac plays the role of a girl who comes from a small town and has high aspirations in life but when she moves to the big city to fulfill her dreams, a terrible twist causes her life to become affected badly and she  begins to get involved in all sorts of complicated relationships and problems.  The film also received a positive response from Turkish media.

Additionally, Deniz has appeared in many television commercials, including a commercial for Mavi Jeans- (a famous Turkish Jeans brand which also has stores outside of Turkey), and she was a part of a major Fiat Automobile campaign.  Deniz has earned lot of praise for her versatile acting skills and, to this day, still continues to be one of the most famous actresses in her home country of Turkey.

Most of all, Deniz’s priority is to continue her success as she looks forward to expanding her work with American producers and directors. Deniz’s passion has always been to act in American films, having been attracted and fascinated by American movies growing up.

There is no stopping this A-list Turkish girl with the huge talent!

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