Introducing the inspiring, Jiin Jang

Beautiful and talented Korean actress, Jiin Jang

Beautiful and talented Korean actress, Jiin Jang

Jiin Jang is an exceptionally talented actress from Korea, currently working her magic in the United Kingdom. Most of her work has involved theater productions such as Shakespeare’s Macbeth where she played the role of Ross. Additionally she has performed in other productions such as Illyrea as the characters Magda and Flavia, and in the character of Mi-Sun. When she isn’t acting Jiin Jang is a successful model, and is working on her own theater productions.

Although Jiin Jang wasn’t raised in the United Kingdom, she had plenty of exposure to the west as a child. Her aunt worked in the United States for 20 years as an animation artist. Jang attended drama school in the U.K., and while she faced barriers, she excelled and graduated to become an actress in the U.K. She herself ,says that her decision to go to London had to do with it being well known for theater art and Jang has had the opportunity to work with many accomplished artists on and off the stage in the U.K.

One her most memorable experiences involved a trip to Poland where Jang brought along her own original work to showcase at a theater workshop. What was unique about this experience is that there was no phone, internet, or other forms of communications, but they were able to experiment with a few of her own original ideas. Jang hopes one day to make her own production that will be a theater play which include the elements of physical movements and graphics.

Jiin Jang is one talented and gifted individual and the world is her oyster. Stay Tuned!

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