Introducing All Round Performer James Nitti

Actor James Nitti

Actor James Nitti

Some of the most exciting actors and actresses through the years have originally come from London, and James Nitti is no exception. From small beginnings within the television industry, he has risen to heights that no one could have predicted – although many are predicting now that he will continue to rise.

When James was a young child, he became involved within a local television show. This early experience in front of a camera gave him the thirst to perform, and his parents encouraged this for him. This meant that James soon joined the National Youth Theatre and the National Youth Musical Theatre, two great establishments where James could really hone his skills and enjoy the various productions that he was a part of.

Throughout his experience in performing, there are quite a few roles that James has really loved playing, and really excelled in. some of these include the role of Bobby Croft, the lead in Dreamboats and Petticoats. The music in particular really spoke to James, and spending each and every evening on the stage in the West End is something that some actors spend their entire lives trying to achieve. But for James, it just seemed to happen naturally, emerging from his incredible talent.

But now James has moved his sights far beyond one single stage, and is about to descend in the hearts and minds of viewers both in the UK and across the pond in the US. James has just finished the filming of a movie called Dragons of Camelot; in it, he plays the wonderful knight Sir Galahad. James loved riding around on horses, and basically being paid to have fun – although isn’t that what acting really is? The film is being released in the United States this year, and many people are full of anticipation to get the chance to see more of the immense talent that James has to offer.

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