Talent, work ethic and determination- Actress Lisa Opara!

London actress Lisa Opara

London actress Lisa Opara

Performance is one of the most sought after and difficult jobs to attain in our entertainment driven society. It requires talent, work ethic, and determination: traits which South-Londoner Lisa Opara embodies to a T. Since her initiation into the acting world as Kat Slater in a production of Eastenders Lisa has gone on to perform in numerous films, music videos, and theatre performances; including The Body by Ten Cent Adventures, The Powder Room by DJ Films, Displaced Diegetic and Serious Money by director Greta Mendes, and her most recent production of Love and Information by Jamie Rocha Allan. As a graduate of the Identity Drama School for Advanced Professional Adults with multiple workshop certificates it’s no wonder Lisa is such a sought after actor.

What is most evident when watching Ms. Opara perform is her ability to portray two or more vastly different characters simultaneously. Take for instance her triple roles of Durkfield, Melissa, and Grevett in Caryll Churchill’s Serious Money. Aside from the different genders, the characters also display varying personality traits. The first is morose, the second superficial, and the third impatient. If these skills were not impressive enough Lisa is also capable of portraying a plethora of accents (Uk Cockney, Scouse, African, General American, Welsh, and Australian), song-writing and singing, and composing poetry on and off stage. Currently, she is looking to complete her poetry collection and further pursue her passion for song-writing while continuing to search for roles which push the boundaries of her immaculate acting limits.

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