International star Shabana Hussain


Shabana Hussain

Shabana Hussain

In this day and age, it’s very difficult to find an actress that is truly talented and in love with her profession. Shabana Hussain is an exception. She’s such an incredible actress from London, England and is of Pakistani decent. She has loved acting since she was a small child and has been performing ever since. Acting is her passion and she has been working hard to get to where she is now, since a young age. Shabana has starred in films, plays, and tv commercials within London and also in Munich, Germany.

She is currently living in Munich now and has been for the past four years. Shabana has been in several commercials all shot in the UK, she has been in quite a few productions, and has received training from very prestigious schools such as: The Method Studio in London, Ivanna Chubbuck Studio, and Michelle Danner Acting Studio. She has gained so much experience from all the training and continues to keep excelling in her craft. Shabana recently auditioned for an exciting pilot which will be shot this year in LA, where she is planning to go to and expand her craft and audition for some offered projects and roles. She plans to keep getting invoked in exciting projects and auditioning for important roles. She has conquered the UK, Germany, and won’t be look till the US is amazed by her work. No matter where Shabana auditions for or showcases her acting skills, she’s guaranteed to be the star of whatever she’s a part of! This girl is magical and lights up the screen!

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