England’s own Alon Bentley

Alon Bentley

Alon Bentley

Alon Bentley is an established performing artist that was born in Northampton, England. His parents are well known in their field, his dad was former band manager Graham Bentley and his mother is a successful author. His parent’s background was most likely the reason that he was introduced to music and why he loves being a performing artist today. Alon started his career by focusing on making his own music and perfecting his ‘art’ through endless practice as somewhat of a perfectionist.

Over time he has grown to become an expert in various arts and has been part of many successful projects. This includes, feature films, music videos, bands, television and even radio. Alon first performed as part of an acoustic duo named ‘Obvious Reasons’ well over a decade ago. If you ask Alon he will tell you that from the very beginning he wanted to create his own brand whether that is in music, acting or in production behind the camera. Of course he has people that he idolises but he would much rather be known as the first of his kind, rather than the next “insert name here”!

After releasing music and touring for years, in a newly rocked up five piece band, Alon then turned his attention to acting. He trained in a number of England’s elite drama schools but prefers to cite his life experiences as the crucial part of his self-discovery as a performing artist. Alon Bentley is always looking to grow as an individual and as an artist by setting himself several career goals. 2015 will see the small screen debut of his written work when his sitcom ‘Sex, Drugs and Veggie Springs Rolls’ airs in the UK. He is also working on a treatment for the Sci-fi channel in the US and plans on moving to LA in the near future. Many exciting opportunities undoubtedly await him. This is one talented Brit, potentially set for international super stardom!

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