The incredible work of Cengiz Dervis

Cengiz Dervis

Cengiz Dervis

Cengiz Dervis is a multi-talented performer hailing from London, UK. An actor, combat expert, producer, writer who produced and starred in the award winning short film “Drake”.

Cengiz creates some of his work through “Fight Me Productions” which he set up in 2012 and this successful performer is starting to see his written works hit the shelves and screen with he’s published books and scripts. 2013 saw the release of ‘The Drake Files’ the first of three 280 page graphic novels and his children book series ‘Jengito’.

Production wise in 2014, Cengiz has completed filming in feature films “By Any Name”, “Retribution”, “Life Is Too Short”, “A Dark Reflection” and the short films “London Hood” and “Salvation”, where he was nominated for Best Villain at the 2014 AOF Film Festival in California.”.

Future projects cover the feature films “The Drake Files” and “Galahad” both which he created and his idea has been turned into a script / adapted by screenwriter Craig Busek. Both feature films to be produced by Beresford Pictures where Cengiz will play the lead role in both. Additionally, he’s currently gearing up to film short film “Brothers Promise” and 2015 see’s cast in a leading role in feature film “The Meeting” alongside the very talented Dan Richardson and Hugh Quarshie.

Cengiz’s love for acting began when he was just a teenager and he used to produce short films with friends and was involved in theatre before totally focusing on screen acting. Now Cengiz is a master of Martial Arts trained in kickboxing, MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai and Ancient, Eastern and modern weapons training… Cengiz occasionally assists in preparing actors physically for film where he can call upon his extensive combat background and understanding of screen action.

He has worked with such names as Funny man Rowan Atkinson, Grammy award winner Natalie Imbruglia,Matthew Macfadyen and more.

When it comes to talent, skills and determination, Cengiz is your go- to guy, not to mention he has a huge future. We can’t wait to see what he does next!


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