A man of many talents! Calum Winsor

The handsome Calum Winsor

The handsome Calum Winsor

Calum Winsor is a dancer, actor, and model that hails from the sunny land of Australia. At the relatively young age of twenty six, Calum has found fame and success through his many successful modeling campaigns, and now finds himself as the face of the latest Vodafone marketing campaign, also known as the Lightning Fast Man. But how did such a young man from such a large city as Sydney get himself noticed so early?

Well, if Calum Winsor has one secret which he finds it incredibly difficult to keep, it is that he is ridiculously talented. What makes him such a brilliant person to work with is his versatility, which comes from his wide life experiences. As a young man, he competed in high level sports competitions, and his physique and good looks soon caught the eye of the modeling industry. By the tender age of fifteen, Calum was modeling for exciting clothing and brands, and excelling at it.

What makes Calum such a brilliant model is one simple fact: he loves being in front of the camera. He has admitted so himself, and is consistently pushing himself outside of his limits to better his modeling techniques and tools. Every young model needs people to look up to, to encourage them to constantly succeed, and Calum is no different. He is particularly inspired by the gorgeous Channing Tatum, another man who has moved from sports to modeling and acting. However, it is not just male models that Calum has a high level of respect for: he also loves the way that Tyra Banks has continued to model throughout the years, allowing her age to be no barrier in her career.

No one knows exactly where Calum Winsor will be this time next year, but he will certainly be a much more recognized face after his move to Vodafone.

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