From Australia to the world stage! Phill Starks conquers the world with his performance skills

Phill Stark

Phill Stark

Phill Stark is an actor, producer, circus / stunt performer from the Gold Coast, Australia. He has performed in shows like Madagascar live, Wiggles, SpongeBob Square pants even scare attraction like Walking dead, Saw, Nightmare on elm st and more.

Phill is super talented and his special skills include circus skills, film fighting, weapon combat, slapstick, aerial (wirework), horse riding, scuba diving and many more. This accomplished and hardworking performer has trained his body for circus and stunt work in both ground work and aerial work. Apart from these, Phill also holds advanced rigging and stunt rigging certificate and has advanced scuba diving license, car bike and boat license along with certificate 3 in live production show technician.

While growing up he was inspired by Charlie Chaplin and Australian comedy duo Lano and Woodley. He got into performing at a young age and it was when he first started performing happily doing little comedy skits for his friends at school to make them laugh.  He went to community theatre at Ballarat University where he first started performing at the 1850s historical theme park sovereign hill. Phill also started a small business as a circus performer doing street shows, festivals and children’s parties.

He is currently in China performing in one of the largest live stunt shows in the world at Chime long Paradise.  Also he has a few shows written and he is waiting to perform again dream world next year. This talented artist hopes to continue expanding his career building bigger live shows in both circus as well as in stunts. For him working in a big budget movie like “Marvel” or “Pirates of the Caribbean” would be a great project. For the future he would like to continue expanding his business and career. He feels his favorite productions of which he was a part of, are his own productions and he worked a lot while he was working at Dream world. For the aspiring performers he gives advice to following your dreams and he believes a lot in passion as he feels that with passion one can achieve anything one wants to.



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