Aussie sensation Bec Blomberg

Miss Bec Blomberg

Miss Bec Blomberg

Bec Blomberg is a television and film editor from Australia who is extremely talented and great at her work. This is evident from the impressive list of works she has done. She began her work with a local TV show; a police detective drama similar to ‘CSI Miami’. She undertook this role even though it was unpaid, as what mattered to her was her passion. This passion took her to her first paid job which was for a popular Australian drama series about a navy crew that patrolled the northern sea boarder of Australia. Since then Bec has been climbing the steps of success to where she worked as a freelance assistant editor for various TV series like ‘Dancing on Ice’, I’m A Celebrity, Get Me out of Here’, ‘Big Brother’, and ‘Underbelly Razor’.  Her current work is spread across music videos, feature films, short films, documentaries and more.

Since October 2009 Bec has been steadily working on whatever project she can get her hands on. She has done a lot of work on music videos like ‘Weight of the World by Amy Shark’, ‘Beautiful Night by Francesca De Valance’, ‘Water by Cool Calm Collective’, ‘Scattered Diamonds by Hungry Kids of Hungary’, ‘I Can Tell You This by Rokeby Venus’, and ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am by Small Mercies’.  She has also worked on some great documentaries like ‘Plastic Pollution Revolution with Tony Rice’, ‘The Good Son’ and feature films like ‘Crawl’ and ‘Hanging Rock’.  Bec has also done a few short films such as ‘Thank you For Shopping Starmart’, ‘Twisted’ and ‘Ribbons’.

She is a fan of Nancy Meyers and Nora Ephron films and also draws inspiration from the works of successful female editors like, Thelma Schoonmaker, Dede Allen, Alisa Lepselter, Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey. Her personal favorite production that she has worked on is the feature film ‘Crawl’ as she highly enjoyed being part of the crew and gained a great deal of experience from her time there. Presently she is working as a freelance editor and has planned some projects for the next couple of months. She will also be returning to work on a UK reality TV show at the end of the year and looks forward to future works, whatever they may be.

Bec graduated from Bond University in Australia, where she holds a Bachelor of Film and Television. She studied all aspects of the filmmaking process, specializing in Writing and Directing. It wasn’t until after she graduated that she realized her true passion for editing. Bec held a steady job at as an editor and digital media specialist at Cutting Edge, a Post Production House in Queensland. She is highly proficient in all key editing platforms like Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. She aspires to work with talented filmmakers and would love to work on something like Gilmore Girls. She looks out for the projects which are inspiring and heart-warming along with great scripts and dedicated crew members.

Though most of her work is mainly in Australia and some of it in the UK, she dreams of working in LA as she feels it is something which has a creative world of its own, has massive global impact also. For the aspiring filmmakers she feels one should go for what they want and in the end will reach their dreams.





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