The gorgeous and captivating actress Turkan Victoria


The gorgeous Turkan Victoria

The gorgeous Turkan Victoria

Turkan Victoria is a British actress and model who began performing at a very young age and she joined many local theatre clubs and was always part of many school productions. She began modelling at the age of four and today she is not only a successful model but also a fantastic actress. She has done modeling for Aston Martin, People Tree and Bang and Olufsen. She was trained at the Bristol Old Vic Drama School where she learned a lot of techniques and has also gained immense experience through being a part of local theatre groups. She also has a degree in performing arts.

She is highly inspired by the performances of Juno Temple, Robert Downey Jr, Dame Maggie Smith, Cate Blanchett, Emma Watson and Jodie Foster. She absolutely adores the works of these performers. Her personal favorite performance was in the television series ‘City’, which was filmed in Italy and she played the role of Shatzy. This role was quite challenging as well as dynamic and loved being able to perform her own stunts. The wardrobe for this production was by none other than Vivienne Westwood who is one of Turkan’s personal favorite designer’s. This role also gave her the chance to sample some authentic Italian food and visit the beautiful landscape and countryside of Italy. She is busy with her upcoming projects and has also appeared in the features GODTECH, Mesopotamia and Famine.

Turkan has proved that she can give fantastic performances in film and theatre as well as modeling and commercials. She has appeared in the short film ‘Veta Nova’ directed by Academy award nominee David Cinzi and ‘Black Pond’ an award winning film also nominated for a Bafta. She played the lead role in ‘No Roads Lead to and was a lead role in ‘Apartment34’. As far as theatre goes her works cover ‘Playing for Time’ ‘The Winter’s Tale’, ‘When We Were’, ‘Pillow Man’, ‘Wonderland’, ‘My Mother Said I shouldn’t’, ‘Success’, ‘Pool (No Water)’ and ‘Educating Rita’.

In the. She considers Saoirse Ronan, Leonardo Di Caprio, Henry Cavill, Matthew McConaughey, and Jake Gyllenhall as her ideal co-stars. This dedicated artist got her first paid television role in ‘City’ for RAI television in Italy when she was just eighteen years old.  This was based on a book by the award winning writer Alessandro Barrico and was aired in the US, France, Italy, Germany, and Canada. Her work in this series landed her where she was featured in the John Lewis Magazine under the heading ‘Extraordinary People’ and she was named as ‘The New Face of British Film’. When Turkan was twenty years old, she was discovered by the CEO of a Hollywood agency at a talent convention in Florida, where she won a gold award.

She has also appeared in a commercial for Nescafe’ in 2012 for a campaign in Greece. This simply added to her international success in the television as well as film industry. Apart from this, she has also worked in a Zena Music Video, a viral commercial for wireless headphones and was also a lead female in Hold Your Nerve- Electric River Music Video. She surely is climbing her way up through the entertainment world. For the aspiring performers and fan base that look up to her, she gives advice to have qualities like self-belief and perseverance.













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