The fashionable and humble Tanyel Kabay


Fashion expert Tanyel Kabay

Fashion expert Tanyel Kabay

Tanyel Kabay is a television host, actress and fashion journalist from London. This brilliant and versatile artist is best known for presenting on a number of English TV Channels such as Sky, YouTube, Channel 5 and the popular television programmes T4 and New Looks search for a Stylist, she has also interviewed a number of celebrities such as Little Mix, Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora, to name a few.

She draws inspiration from actresses like Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightly and from fashion icons like Victoria Beckham and Madonna. She is amongst those performers who always showed great potential and promise as a budding star. She was a child model at the age of ten for the global fashion brand Marks and Spencer’s. At a very early age she was signed by Prolific Model Management and became the child face of Next. She continued to model for international companies like Tommy Girl in her teens and Marks and Spencer’s.

Tanyel began her career as an English television presenter and fashion journalist. Her featured fashion articles have been published in all key fashion magazines such as Italia Grazia, Drapers Magazine, Phoenix Magazine and collaborating with celebrity stylists such as Rebekah Roy. Tanyel was later touted as the “English Carrie Bradshaw”.

She holds a degree in Fashion business and journalism and has graduated from the prestigious University of the Arts, London. Apart from this, Tanyel also holds a Creative hosting and acting degree from the International School of Screen Acting. For her, working as a TV host for T4 and starring in Veta Nova Cannes nominated film as the main lead was her personal favorite production to work on.

Her upcoming projects would be the ones in which she will be seen hosting TV channels like This Morning, Behind the Gossip at V festival and Smart Live Casino and also collaborating with magazines like Drapers and Phoenix on various projects. For her, the ideal project would be as an internal face and TV host for American TV. She feels with her British television and film background, this would be an entirely new and different experience and this is what she feels would set her apart from other celebrity hosts in the US.

For the future, her manager is in the process of signing contracts with several guest appearances on television shows. Tanyel is extremely talented and highly passionate about her work and this is what helped her to reach the success she has today. On a visit to the US this amazing performer was personally head hunted by the CEO of the Fashion Law Group, a meeting was arranged in the hopes of securing her as the new talent and fashion mediator within this company.

She surely is headed towards the top of the entertainment industry and she feels a great part of her success is credited to her agent and mother at TNT management. This simply shows her grateful attitude and brings out her humbleness. For the aspiring artists, this beautiful and talented performer gives advice to know your art and challenge yourself creatively along with self-belief. With her dedication and efforts, Tanyel has created a name for herself within the fashion industry.

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