Queen of the stunt world Kate Petersen

Kate Petersen

Kate Petersen

When it comes to performing circus and stunts, there is one woman who has earned a distinguished place in this area and that is none other than Kate Petersen. This amazing artist began gymnastics at just the age of three.  Some of her performance experience includes shows such as Sea World Pirates Unleashed, Movie World Fright Nights, Ice Skating Cabarets, Dream world Zombie Evolution and the Daydream circus. Kate is a highly passionate, dedicated and thorough professional. She serves as an excellent example of a committed team member and a wonderful athlete.

In 2007, Kate placed first in the gymnastics team nationals for Australia. She was scouted at a gymnastics competition and at just the age of twelve she was asked to join a circus. Presently, her experience in circus runs for about a decade and she has performaed all over Australia. Kate has trained with the Trix Circus and the Super Performance Centre and was involved in various different corporate events and shows. For the past six years, she has given many featured individual performances and was also the Performance Coordinator for many of the shows.

Kate’s talent and performance ability won her an acting scholarship (worth 5000 dollars) from the Australian Acting Academy by competing against more than 2000 applicants. Not long after this she began ice-skating as a hobby and was scouted once again to train in the elite group for the Gold Coast. She won the Gold Coast Championships three years running and also stood second at the Australian National Championships.

During all of her performing contracts, Kate began stunt training and has recently been graded as a stunt woman in the Australian MEAA union. She comes across as an extremely cooperative person with mentors, coaches and directors and is an enthusiastic stage performer. Kate recently came to Hollywood to continue her blooming career and was offered multiple jobs including fight choreographer for an upcoming film. But Kate took a job in the worlds largest water stunt show in China and is currently performing there absolutely loving it. This is one unstoppable Aussie girl!







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