One of Australia’s brightest stars Leigh Smith

Leigh Smith in Media Strikes Back

Leigh Smith in Media Strikes Back

Leigh Smith is an Australian actor who is best known as a lead presenter on the network television show “Media Strikes Back”. He has received the majority of his training from the Television and Film Academy of Australia (TAFTA) and has studied under the guidance of some of the finest directors, casting directors as well as professionals within the Australian and International scene. Leigh has also worked with the well-known vocal coach Stephan Costan. He has taken movement classes from Miklos Gerely and training for American accents with Barbara Hastings. This dedicated and focused performer has received training in standup comedy from Rachel Berger and scene development by Colin Budds & David Cameron. He has also completed acting workshops in LA at the Stella Adler Academy and has also spent a year creating magic with the best of them through the “Walt Disney World Academic Exchange Program”.

With such impressive and exhaustive training one can imagine his passion for the entertainment industry. This gifted actor surely knows how to make audiences roll down with laughter through his immense talent. He has appeared in shows like “Neighbours” and “Winners and Losers”. Aside from this, he has also done corporate commercials as well as promotional work. Inspired by brilliant female performers like Melissa McCarthy, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Leslie Mann and Kristin Wiig, he is amongst those performers who know how to give their best in their field.

Leigh got into performing at a young age and he absolutely adores the art of comedy. For the future, his plans are very clear as he wishes to act and continue developing himself as an actor. He considers Melissa McCarthy as his ideal co-star for her exceptional talent and humor. For Leigh, his personal favorite performance was playing the role of “Mr Smith” who is a headstrong comedic character. He also thoroughly enjoyed his time as a lead presenter in “Media Strikes Back” as he got to interview some amazing Australian talent in the entertainment industry.

Leigh is looking to get back into hosting along with continuing to audition for roles in Australia and plans to head over to the US to continue his career and wishes to play a multitude of roles which only this particular market can offer him. His theatre credits comprises of “Pirates of Penzance” and “The Boyfriend”. He has also hosted children’s showcase “Make Your Mark” in Los Angeles. He has  received awards in the following categories like 1st Runner Up (2nd) Monologue Performance in the Adult Competition, Finalist for Actor of the Year, Honorable mention for Commercial and Top Ten finalist for Scene Work.

For the aspiring performers, this amazing artist gives advice to be original and to never dull oneself down to fit other people’s expectations.






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