Actor And Writer Alberto Lacayo Working On A New Web Series

Actor And Writer Alberto Lacayo

Actor And Writer Alberto Lacayo

It is always exciting to see such a talented actor with just as much experience behind as in front of the camera, and that is why Alberto Lacayo’s fans are lining up to see exactly what it is that he is going to do next. There are only a few people that can really claim to have excellent experience as both an actor, and a part of the production crew, but that is exactly what Alberto Lacayo can boast.

Alberto Lacayo, from Mexico, did not start out his acting career in a vain hope to get more people to be looking at him. Instead, he began from a point of being fascinated by the human problem. How can we understand what other people say, what they really mean? How do I present myself to other people, and how genuine is that most of the time? From his philosophical studies, Alberto Lacayo decided to experiment by getting involved in drama productions: and soon his prodigious talent started to overtake his scientific inquiry.

However, Alberto Lacayo’s skills do not lie only on just the stage. In one production called ‘MIRA: Protocol’, Alberto Lacayo was both protagonist and script supervisor. This very quickly brought him into contact with all of the day to day problems of a set – both as actor, and as production crew member. It has certainly aided him in some of his latest developments. With a group of friends, Alberto Lacayo is currently working on the development of a web series. His talents have been revealed further as Alberto Lacayo is not only going to be acting in it, but is also writing the script.

We cannot wait to see how this web series develops, and we look forward to the other numerous projects that Alberto Lacayo is currently working on – but has a tight lid on!

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