Nicola Gardner- Host Of ‘Get Up, Stand Up’!

The Multi-Talented Nicola Gardner

The Multi-Talented Nicola Gardner

Nicola Gardner has already become a household name and people are going gaga watching her over and over. She has already created a niche for herself and this pretty lass has got everybody to sit up and notice her acting abilities. Well, for starters, she began her training at age six when she joined a small theatre school in Manchester, UK. Here, she also learned dance and the training really helped her in making those moves on screen.

Her radio shows include the likes of the very famous Whoopi Goldberg’s County Life, Number 10, Bad by Default, Shells on a Woven Chord, Chaos By Design, Jordan Road and 5 Joes and a Gym. She has received unprecedented success in all of these aforementioned radio shows. It seems that whatever she touches turns to gold. Her television career until now, has been stellar and her performance in the show Brookside has already opened the floodgates of many praises and several other roles for her. Her real life situation of a single mother gave her the eloquence in the character of Vonnie Johnson. Aside from Brookside, she has been a part of many successful TV shows that include Coronation Street and Verdict.

She also has been a part of hit movies like Action Rain and Signs of Life. Her list of theatre performances is also never ending and her portrayal of Ariel in the play The Tempest has been touted as one of the best portrayals of the character. Although, she has covered all the bases, when it comes to different genres, she counts comedy as one of her favorites. Be it sitcoms or standup, she loves doing them both.

Presently, she is the host of a show called Get Up, Stand Up. It is a comedy and she is simply loving it. From dancing, to theatre, radio, television and movies, Nicola has done it all. She is already becoming a big star and by the looks of it, she certainly is on the right path of catching up to her idols like Denzel Washington and Whoopi Goldberg.


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