Profile: The Multi-Talented Lauren White

Lauren White

Lauren White

Lauren White (Murphy) is an extremely talented singer, songwriter, producer and performer – but it wasn’t always that way. When she was just a child, Lauren was incredibly shy, and never wanted the limelight on her at all. Her mother wanted to encourage her to be more confident, and that was how Lauren ended up at stage school. Although it may have seemed to many to be a baptism of fire, for Lauren, it worked wonders. Within moments of getting up on the stage, all of the fright and the nerves completely disappeared. It was soon quite obvious to everyone around her that Lauren was born to be on the stage.

As Lauren got older, her talents only increased. Entering her teenage years, Lauren started learning more and more musical instruments, and went behind the scenes writing for other performers and arranging music for theater shows. This is where she learned of her great passion for music and where she could earn money. She would pitch her songs to top music producers and supervisors in Ireland and the UK and they would involve her to gain experience and then a wage, which Lauren is extremely grateful for. She says “When you have a great passion for something in the arts, its not about the fame and glory, I just get a thrill when I make a a bit of money and I usually finish something and move on to the next piece. It isn’t about the fame and success”

Lauren’s Resume’ includes: Musical Director of Crumlin Community Marching Band in Ireland,  CMC Productions as a Songwriter and Musician and Elevate Music Publishing as a Music Publisher. Some of her accomplishments with songwriting have been equally as astonishing, including: National Finals of Eurovision 2010 for Azerbaijan Reached Final 10 with “Freefall“, National Finals of Eurovision 2012 for Malta Reached Final 24 with “One More Night”, National Finals of Eurovision 2012 for Romania T & L Final with “Freefall”, National Finals of Eurovision 2013 for Ireland Final 5 with “Fire”, Participated in “The Hit” TV Show in RTE, “Higher” , RTE Radio-New unsigned artist Viva Radio, Reached Top 40 on iTunes charts with “Fire” in January 2012 and obtained Over 220,000 hits on YouTube in 2 weeks, Sold song to Lady Antebellum currently awaiting contract to be signed in Nashville-”Heartache“, Pitching “Fire” to Nicole Scherzinger – details TBC. She has also worked as a producer and arranger for many Eurovision songs around Europe for artists whom she met while entering her songs throughout the years.

Lauren White is a world class talent and has the world at her feet with her multi-talented skills as both an entertainer and songwriter. There’s nothing this girl can’t do when she sets her mind to it!

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