The Face of Change- Nazli K Lou

Nazli K Lou in 'Parts Of Disease'

Nazli K Lou in ‘Parts Of Disease’

Sure, Nazli K Lou is a beautiful actress. Anyone with eyes can see that. But American audiences are learning that there’s a lot more to this exotic beauty than good looks. She is the star of not one, but two different films that are winning awards all over the world and grabbing the attention of Hollywood bigwigs, and not to mention, inspiring conversations about social justice and change. So who exactly is Nazli K. Lou? And what will she do next?

First, we should go back to the beginning. Nazli was born in Tehran, Iran. But when she was only six years old, her family fled war-torn Iran and relocated to Vienna, Austria, where they lived happily in the historic center of the culturally rich city. Nazli enjoyed school as a little girl tremendously, but found herself having a real interest in the arts. When she was old enough, Nazli moved to Los Angeles to seriously pursue her ambition.

Nazli was accepted into the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, beating out over seven thousand hopefuls to secure her place in the program. During her time there, Nazli impressed fellow students and faculty. As soon as she graduated, she was offered the role of a presenter on a popular Persian television show. Soon after that, Nazli was being offered roles left and right.

One of the most recent roles that Nazli had which was very close to her heart is a film called For the Birds, which is based on a true story. Nazli portrays a sixteen year old girl, in the last few minutes of her life, as she walks to the town square in Iran, preparing to be execued after she is caught in an affair with a 51-year-old man. The film has been winning awards and getting a slew of nominations at various film festivals all over the world: the Cleveland Film Festival, the Spokane Film Festival, the Directors Guild of America awards, the World of Women Cinema Festival, the Newport Beach Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival. Its message is one too important to ignore, and no doubt, Nazli’s astonishing performance helps that message come across loud and clear. The film’s director, Tara Atashgah, so tremendously enjoyed working with Nazli that they have plans to make several more films together.

Another film Nazli has been honored to participate in is Pieces of Disease, a tense thriller about what happens when a woman decides to betray her husband who she suspects is a terrorist, as she starts working with the FBI to help bring him down. Nazli’s portrayal of a woman who fears her husband but makes the courageous decision to stand up to him is life-affirming and drives home the importance of how terribly important it is to take a stand for the things that matter.

Nazli is an actress who approaches the films she selects much like how she approaches life: she makes sure the message is important, it is clear, and it will spark a conversation, and affect change.  American audiences are sure to be hearing a lot more from this dynamic actor.

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