Your new source for Entertainment Contacts and Listings- the new source for entertainers the new source for entertainers

Are you tired of stalking talent agents, casting directors, producers and potential employees?

Ever thought of how much easier life would be as a Model, actress or dancer if you could search for opportunities and listings on just one website, instead of searching through thousands?

Do you want a sure short way to promote yourself and get going with the best in the entertainment industry? Then, stop sulking in the wrong circles and get yourself entitled at, straight away. With the option to join with a free version, or premium membership, you can design a page of your own encompassing all of your details, contact information, photos, video clips etc in a website URL that will be exclusively available to you. The URL cannot be accessed without your permission but at the same time could be sponsored to the people you are looking to work with. Once you get the ball rolling, your website’s popularity will plunge to record highs on all of the major search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Therefore, your resume and your headshots need not undergo hours of worries and speculation, as finally it is here at your disposal to look after it yourself, at any hour of the day. takes care of all individuals on a personal level and treat all their members as part of a big happy family. will edit, add and prune your resume to give it a transcendental look which will marquee you in front of all the employers, who are on the lookout for talent amidst millions like you.

All you have to do is fill in the online application form with all the details of your present- past work experience, which you can edit and change at any given time of the year. You can create and print physical copies of your resume through the website and can even search through the vast mailing database to add to your own personal mailing catalog, thus, expanding your online presence.

Submit your resumes, find out everything about the open auditions for acting, modeling and dancing.  By joining this site, it will help you reach the right platforms to catapult your career into the right people in the entertainment industry.


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