The multi-talented Hayley Gilbert

Hayley Gilbert, here for the long run

Hayley Gilbert, here for the long run

Hayley Gilbert is an actress from the United Kingdom who is best known for her performances in The World, Dustland and scAIRcrows. This multi-talented artist dived into the sea of acting when she got called up on stage by Buttons in Cinderella at the Beck Theatre. She went to Crystal Arts which is a Theatre School and there, she got her first acting gig with Keith Chegwin and Tony Blackburn in “Top a Ten Really Annoying Records”.

She grew up watching classic movies and admires Doris Day and Audrey Hepburn. She is also inspired by Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn. She enjoys her work so much that each performance is considered as a joyful memory for her and the part she won in a musical at The London Palladium in her early career is one of her fondest memories she has. She considers her role of Anne Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank as her most notable performance. Her ideal co-stars would be either Nicholas Cage or Robin Williams. This dedicated and committed actress believes in persistence and in continuous hard work.

She is a highly accomplished artist and equally versatile too. This is evident from her performances in television, films, theatre, commercials and music. Her television work includes “Who Killed Lady Goo Goo?”, “Trail and Retribution”, “Mohair” and “Crime Team”. She has appeared in films like “You Reap What You Love”, “Strange Little Girl” and“Overdrive”. She is an accomplished performer in theatre too, with appearances in “In Our Time”, “The Murder Game”, “Oliver Twist”, and “Diary of Anne Frank” to name a few. With such rich experience it is not astonishing that she has worked with some of the finest production houses and great directors in the world. Apart from this, her hobbies include jogging, swimming and cycling.

She is an excellent example of someone who is passionate about her work and is a great performer in all aspects of acting including television, theatre and film. Her upcoming projects include “Vignettes which is a web series about online dating. As for the future, Hayley aims to act in television sitcoms and dramas, which are some of her favorite areas.

This dedicated and talented actress from the UK has the world including Hollywood, at her feet!


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