Bio: Singer Steinunn Osk

Iceland's talented and beautiful musician Steinunn Osk. Photo credit: Andrew Pino

Iceland’s talented and beautiful musician Steinunn Osk. Photo credit: Andrew Pino

Living in Hollywood as vocalist from Iceland, singer Steinunn Osk has come a long way to reach the level of success she has today. Reaching to the heights of fame wasn’t an easy road for her, but her passion for music and singing kept her going. She was known to be ambitions when it came to music and singing and perhaps her very reason to become the performer she is now.

What often happens is that not too many are fortunate enough to get the kind of recognition that singer Steinunn Osk has received. With an amazing voice of her time, she has participated in numerous stage shows that are amazing and have received great reviews from many audiences. Singer Steinunn Osk was raised in Iceland – the country doesn’t need any introduction. The country is known to be inspirational and has given several creative artists like Bjork, Sigurros and Of Monsters and Men a head start and the list is endless where Steinunn plays an important role.

Steinunn Osk was a shy kid. Though her upbringing was in a theatrical environment, she was not able to sing in front of a bunch of people. It was not until, she moved out of Iceland and started her professional singing career and gained confidence in singing.

While in Los Angeles, attending the famed Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Steinunn met her bandmates and joined the band “In The Key Of Earth” in 2012 releasing their first album in September of 2013. The album (self-titled) is of earthy, ambient, new age rock and draws inspiration from Depeche Mode, Devin Townsend, Portishead and SigurRós. The band is also inspired by nature and the earth, demonstrated on their tracks, using such sounds as water, wolves howling and volcano eruption.

The current band members in The Key Of The Earth, include:: Jazzlyn Rose (keyboards, songwriter, producer), Steinunn Ósk Axelsdóttir (lead vocals, lyricist (and vocal melodies) ) Anel Orantes Pedrero (bass, background vocals), Alec De Kervor (guitar) and Kirsche Day Messenger (background vocals). Audiences throughout many of their shows are thrilled at the depth and energy of their music when they perform live.

This is one musician and group setting the world stage on fire!


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