The beauty and talent of Aussie actress Marissa Wynne

The beauty and talent of Marissa Wynne

The beauty and talent of Marissa Wynne

Marissa Wynne is an extremely talented actress; some may even say that she is a prodigy, landing her first major role on the outstanding show Mortified at the young age of 16. Marissa started off with local theatre productions, right away people knew that she belonged in Hollywood. This beautiful blonde bombshell has accomplished so much and can take on any role that is given to her.

Marissa Wynne was only 18 years old when she was accepted into Queensland University of Technology’s prestigious BFA acting course, making her the youngest girl in her company. Shortly, at QUT she discovered how passionate she was for improvisation and performing comedy.Soon after, she moved to Sydney and appeared in many awe-inspiring commercials, a guest starring role on the uproarious series of Deadly Women and numerous short films and sort-after webisodes.

Audiences are seeing so much of Marissa Wynne and were pleasantly surprised when they saw her in popular comedian Matt Okine’s  DVD series. She appeared in a few sketches and her performance was so well done people considered it to be “Grotesque and Imaginative”.  In 2013, Marissa Wynne traveled to the land of the stars, Los Angeles.  She came to LA in hopes of furthering her improv training at The Second City and iOWEST. She plans on returning in the near future to take the next level of class and has so much ambition! Out all of all her work she recently completed what she calls “her most exciting job to date”, a guest role appearing on the upcoming ‘Australia’ episode of Modern Family.

Marissa Wynne is rapidly taking Hollywood by storm and is such a talented actress!

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